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The Sarotti-Mohr from 1918, in the company museum

Sarotti is a German chocolate brand owned by Stollwerck GmbH since 1998.


In 1868 Hugo Hoffmann opened a company to produce sweets. The location of this shop was in Mohrenstraße 10 in Berlin. The industrial chocolate production took place on Mehringdamm No. 57 (then Belle-Alliance-Str. 81) since 1881, extended by Mehringdamm No. 55 in 1903 (then Belle-Alliance-Str. 82) and Mehringdamm No. 53 in 1906 (then Belle-Alliance-Str. 83). In 1913 the factory moved into a new building on Teilestraße 13–15 in Tempelhof, now part of Berlin.

The Sarotti-Moor (Mohr) was created in 1918 for the 50 year anniversary of the company. In 1929 Nestlé became the majority stockholder in the company. This traditional German brand is only known in its home market. In 1998 Nestlé sold Sarotti to Stollwerck Chocolates, which itself became part of the Belgian Sweet Products/Baronie in 2011. In an attempt to stave off accusations of racism, the tray-carrying moor had been changed into a "mage" of golden skin colour in 2004.

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