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Sartorial Contemporary Art
Sartorial Contemporary Art, Argyle Square, London.jpg
Sartorial Contemporary Art is located in Central London
Sartorial Contemporary Art
Location within Central London
LocationArgyle Square, Kings Cross, London 8AP, England, United Kingdom
Coordinates51°31′42″N 0°07′18″W / 51.5284°N 0.1217°W / 51.5284; -0.1217Coordinates: 51°31′42″N 0°07′18″W / 51.5284°N 0.1217°W / 51.5284; -0.1217

Sartorial Contemporary Art (2005–2010) was an artist-run gallery founded by Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, artist and curator, as a project-led space in central London, England.[1] Originally based in an 18th-century Georgian house on Kensington Church Street. Sartorial Contemporary Art moved to Kings Cross in October 2008 where it has built a reputation for embracing newly emerging artists.

The Guardian said of the Harry Pye exhibition, Me,me,me, "the gallery space has achieved maturity and it has become a real space within the artistic circuit."[2] Sartorial Contemporary Art in house magazine The Rebel started in 2005, in collaboration with Harry Pye is released four times a year, usually connected with a current exhibition theme.


Among the most remarkable shows in Sartorial Contemporary Art the following are worth mentioning:

Artists exhibited[edit]

Liz Neal, Some Product, Sartorial Contemporary Art, 20.02 - 14.03.2009
Marcus Freeman - Stephen Peirce. New Paintings, Sartorial Contemporary Art, 2009
Gretta Sarfaty Marchant, Permutations, Sartorial Contemporary Art, 1-23.05.2009


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