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Sarumaru no Taifu by Kanō Tan’yū, 1648

Sarumaru no Taifu, also known as Sarumaru no Dayū (猿丸大夫, sarumaru no taifu/dayū) was a waka poet in the early Heian period.[citation needed] He is a member of the Thirty Six Poetic Sages (三十六歌仙, sanjūrokkasen), but there are no detailed histories or legends about him. There is a possibility that there never was such a person. Some believe him to have been Prince Yamashiro no Ōe.

Poetry example[edit]

The following waka is attributed to Taifu. It is a classic Autumn Poem (秋歌, aki no uta).

Japanese text[1] Romanized Japanese[1] English translation[2]
Oku-yama ni
momiji fumi-wake
naku shika no
koe kiku toki zo
aki wa kanashiki
Autumn at its saddest—
Rustling through the leaves
and moving on alone
deep into the mountains,
I hear a lonely stag
belling for his doe.

This poem is Kokinshū 4:215, and was also incorporate into Fujiwara no Teika's famous Ogura Hyakunin Isshu, as number 5.


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Further reading[edit]

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