Sarva Pindi

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Sarva Pindi
Sarvapindi , mango pickle - aavakai.jpg
Place of originIndia
Region or stateTelangana
Main ingredientsRice flour

Sarva pindi (Telugu: సర్వపిండి) is a savory, circular-shaped pancake made from rice flour and peanuts in Telangana, India. In the Nalgonda district, the item is known as "tappala chekka", while in Karimnagar it is known as "sarva pindi". "Ganju" means utensil or a round shaped bowl and "pindi" means flour in Telugu language. So, the phrase "Ganju Pindi" can be described as rice flour that is made like atta flour and stick to the round shaped pan. In Warangal, the dish is known as "ginnappa". The village Bollepally in Warangal district is particularly famous for ginnappa (sarva pindi), as the story about ginnappa first originated from the Challa Anasurya house in the village. A few years back, Anasurya was feeling very hungry in rainy season, but desired a new dish with less oil. As she had only rice flour in her home at the time, this led to the creation of the sarva pindi snack. She began to sell some in Bollepally village,Telangana district, With help of persons for some days like that entire Telugu people came to know about sarva pindi snack.


Sarva pindi is essentially made of rice flour, channa dal (lentil), peanuts and spices, making it a delicious and healthy dish.[1]


The word Sarva Pindi comes from a combination of two terms: "sarva", meaning a deep pot or pan; and "appa", meaning a cake-sort of preparation. Therefore, the direct translation of Sarva pindi is the "pan cake". The Sarva Pindi pancake is one of the ethnic dishes from the Telangana cuisine; which, although it was once deemed underrated rustic, spicy, and pungent cuisine, is now getting the recognition it truly deserves.


It is recognized as one of the Telangana Traditional cuisines.


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