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The Sarvaiya / Sarvaiyya are a Rajput clan of India, mainly found in Gujarat.


The Sarvaiya rajputs come from a branch of the Chudasamas, Rajputs. Sarvaiya, Chudasama and Raijada consider themselves to be brethren and as such do not intermarry. They worship Khodiyar as sahayak devi and Momai as kuldevi.[1]

Their name derives from the estate of Sarva, which they once ruled when Kunvar Bhimsinh ji waived his right to be the king of Junagadh state, to his younger brother.[citation needed] Among other estates, that they ruled were Amreli,[citation needed] Hathasni,[citation needed] Jesar, Vasavad,[citation needed] Santhli, Chital,[citation needed] Kundla,[citation needed] Gohilwad, Chhatrasa, Chiroda, Chok, Paa, Ranigam,[citation needed] and other estates in Kathiawar. ( total 911 estate holders )[citation needed]

Until the independence of India in 1947, the princely state of Jesar,[2] Hathasni and nearby estates were ruled by Sarvaiya Rajputs. The Jesar along with other Princely States was merged into Union of India to form the United State of Kathiawar.[citation needed]


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