Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve

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Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve
Sary Chelek Nature Reserve.jpg
View of the Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve; The lake in the middle is Кылс-Кёль
Map showing the location of Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve
Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve
Location Jalal-Abad Region, Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates 41°40′N 71°56′E / 41.667°N 71.933°E / 41.667; 71.933Coordinates: 41°40′N 71°56′E / 41.667°N 71.933°E / 41.667; 71.933
Area 238,68 km²
Established 1959
Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve: View north from the southern end of Lake Sary-Chelek.

The Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve is located in Jalal-Abad Region in western Kyrgyzstan. The Reserve was established in 1959, and in 1978 it was designated as a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The Reserve is located at altitudes from 1,200–4,250 metres (3,940–13,940 ft) above sea level.


Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve is approximately 60 kilometres (37 mi) to the northwest of Tash-Kumyr town. The reserve currently occupies 23,868 hectares (58,980 acres) (total area), 18,080 hectares (44,700 acres)s (core area), and 2,394 hectares (5,920 acres) (transition area). It is divided into two sections Arkyt and Sary-Chelek and surrounded by a buffer zone.


In the central part of the Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve there are 6 small lakes: Kylaa-Kel, Aram-Kel, Cheychek-Kol, Bakaly-Kel, and Chacha-Kel. There is also comparatively large Lake Sary-Chelek.

Average relative humidity is about 60 percent, and annual rainfall is about 817 millimetres (32.2 in) at the Sary-Chelek Nature Reserve.

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