Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve

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Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve
Map showing the location of Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve
Location in Kyrgyzstan
LocationJeti-Ögüz District, Issyk-Kul Region, Kyrgyzstan
Nearest cityKarakol
Coordinates42°02′N 78°25′E / 42.033°N 78.417°E / 42.033; 78.417Coordinates: 42°02′N 78°25′E / 42.033°N 78.417°E / 42.033; 78.417
Area149,118 ha (368,480 acres)

The Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve (Kyrgyz: Сарычат-Ээрташ мамлекеттик коругу, Russian: Сарычат-Эрташский государственный заповедник) is located in Issyk-Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan.[1] Established in 1995, it currently covers 149,118 hectares.[2] It was established with a purpose of conservation of unique nature complexes, rare and threatened species of flora and fauna of syrt area of Issyk-Kul Region, and maintaining regional environmental balance.[3]

Marmot hunted by a snow leopard in Sarychat-Eertash Nature Reserve, Kyrgyzstan

The reserve was founded mainly to protect the endangered snow leopard, mountain goat and the argali, a large wild sheep of Central Asia.[4] Other large mammals are Siberian ibex, wild boar, Eurasian lynx, Eurasian wolf and Eurasian brown bear. Smaller and medium-sized mammals, include red fox, pallas cat, stone marten, badger, tolai hare and gray marmot. The reserve is excluded of any usage, including tourism.[5]

The nature reserve lies in the Jeti-Ögüz District, south of the Terskey Ala-too mountains. It occupies the basins of the rivers Sarychat and Bordu, tributaries of the Üchköl (Saryjaz basin).[4]


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