Sarychev Peak

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Sarychev Peak
Sarychev Peak on Matua Island, looking south from Raikoke.
Elevation 1,496 m (4,908 ft)
Prominence 1,496 m (4,908 ft)
Sarychev Peak is located in Far Eastern Federal District
Sarychev Peak
Sarychev Peak
Sarychev Peak in Russian Far East
Location Matua, Kuril Islands, Russia
Coordinates 48°05′31″N 153°12′00″E / 48.092°N 153.20°E / 48.092; 153.20Coordinates: 48°05′31″N 153°12′00″E / 48.092°N 153.20°E / 48.092; 153.20
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption June to July 2009

Sarychev Peak (Russian: вулкан Сарычева, Vulkan Sarycheva, variants: Japanese: 芙蓉山 Fuyō Mountain, [1] Fuyō-san, [2] Fuyō-yama, [3] Fuyo-zan, [4] Huyō San, Japanese: 松輪富士 Matsuwa-fuji), [5] is a stratovolcano covering almost the entirety of Matua Island in the Kuril Islands, Russia. It is a young, highly symmetrical stratovolcanic cone.


The peak was named after admiral Gavril Sarychev of the Imperial Russian Navy.

2009 eruption[edit]

On 12 June 2009, the volcano erupted,[6] sending out ash plumes.[7] As the volcano is near some of the main air routes between East Asia and North America, there was some disruption to air traffic.[8]

Eruption video as seen from the International Space Station, June 12, 2009

During the eruption, the International Space Station passed overhead and astronauts were able to photograph the event.[9] A hole in the overhead clouds, possibly caused by the shock wave from the explosion, allowed a clear view of the plume and pyroclastic flow down the sides of the mountain. A cap-like pileus cloud is visible atop the rising column.[10]

Sarychev Peak previously erupted in 1760, 1805, 1879, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1932, 1946, 1954, 1960, 1965, 1976, 1986 and 1989.[11]


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