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Saša Lošić in 2012

Saša "Loša" Lošić (born 19 July 1964, Banja Luka, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR Yugoslavia) is one of the most recognizable composers of the Balkans of Serb descent and the leader of the band Plavi Orkestar, which is one of the most popular music bands of the former Yugoslav Pop and Rock scene. He currently lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia.[citation needed]

He is a composer of often folk-inspired pop, as well as theatre scores (Romeo and Juliet, Elvise de luxe, Lemonade, Mother Courage), The Bacchae, documentary and feature film scores. His recent work includes movies like Gori vatra, Kajmak in marmelada, Days and Hours, Borderline Lovers and establishing his new Saša Lošić Film Orchestra which had its world premiere at the 10th jubilee Sarajevo film festival with gala concerts at the National Theatre in Sarajevo.

Lošić is the composer, singer, and arranger of the band Plavi Orkestar (Blue Orchestra), one of the most popular bands on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Plavi Orkestar is described by music encyclopedias as one of the "cultural phenomenons of the 1980s and 1990s" (5 million copies sold). The band has remained popular to date, with 10 albums and more than 1500 concerts worldwide.

In his film music Saša Lošić has cooperated with numerous talented musicians and singers from across Europe, including

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