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Sasayama Castle

Sasayama Domain (篠山藩, Sasayama-han) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, located in Tanba Province. It was founded in 1609, when Matsudaira Yasushige moved there from the Yakami Domain. The domain changed hands several times until 1748, when it was given to Aoyama Tadatomo. The Aoyama family remained there until 1868; the domain itself was abolished in 1871. Its territory first became part of the short-lived Toyooka Prefecture, before being made part of Hyogo Prefecture in 1876; it remains part of Hyogo Prefecture to the present day.

The Aoyama, the last ruling family, became viscounts in the Meiji era.[1]

List of lords[edit]

  1. Yasushige
  1. Nobuyoshi
  2. Tadakuni
  1. Yasunobu
  2. Sukenobu
  3. Nobutoshi
  4. Nobutsune
  5. Nobumine
  1. Tadatomo
  2. Tadataka
  3. Tadatsugu
  4. Tadayasu
  5. Tadanaga
  6. Tadayuki


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