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Sasha Lilley born 1975 is an English-born radio host, writer and journalist based in Oakland, California.


Lilley is the editor of Capital and Its Discontents: Conversations with Radical Thinkers in a Time of Tumult, published by PM Press.[1] Lilley is a contributor to the Turbulence Collective's What Would it Mean to Win?, a collection of debates about the direction of the Global Justice Movement, published by PM Press.[2] She is the series editor of the political economy imprint Spectre.[3]

Lilley is a co-founder and host of the Pacifica Radio program Against the Grain.[4] From 2007-2009, she was the interim program director at KPFA. She directed Pacifica Radio’s coverage of the Winter Soldier hearings in Silver Spring, Maryland,[5] launched the War Comes Home,[6] about the human costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, curated the multimedia project “1968: The Year that Shook the World” commemorating 1968 with archival audio from the Pacifica Radio Archives, and launched the multimedia collaboration “Afghanistan 2008: Seven Years After the Taliban”.[7]

She has overseen national broadcasts,[8] including on torture under the Bush Administration,[9] the testimonials of survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and on the global financial crisis.[10]

Lilley was an editor, staff writer, and researcher at CorpWatch, reporting on the World Bank, labor struggles, and agribusiness.[11]

She has worked as an academic researcher and investigative journalist, including into US contracts in Iraq[12] following the American-led invasion.[13]


Lilley is married to PM Press and AK Press founder Ramsey Kanaan.


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