Saskatchewan Drive

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Saskatchewan Drive
Scona Road
Maintained by the City of Edmonton
Length 8.5 km (5.3 mi)
Location Edmonton
South end 71 Avenue
University Avenue, Groat Road, 109 Street, 105 Street
North end 98 Avenue / Connors Road
Saskatchewan Drive is located in Edmonton
Saskatchewan Drive
Saskatchewan Drive
Start/End points of Saskatchewan Drive/Scona Road

Saskatchewan Drive / Scona Road is a river valley road on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It was formed on the banks of the river when the area was known as the City of Strathcona. After the amalgamation with Edmonton, and as the grid streets expanded, Saskatchewan Drive was broken up, however most of it still remains, with portions being one-way streets.


List of neighbourhoods Saskatchewan Drive and Scona Road runs through, in order from south to north:[1]

Interchanges and intersections[edit]

This is a list of major intersections, starting at the south end of Saskatchewan Drive. All intersections were at-grade, however to ease traffic at 98 Avenue a stack interchange was constructed.[1]

Direction Intersecting road Coordinates
East-West 71 Avenue 53°30′20″N 113°32′13″W / 53.50556°N 113.53694°W / 53.50556; -113.53694 (Saskatchewan x 71Av)
South-North 74 Avenue 53°30′37″N 113°32′24″W / 53.51028°N 113.54000°W / 53.51028; -113.54000 (Saskatchewan x 74Av)
University Avenue 53°31′6″N 113°32′12″W / 53.51833°N 113.53667°W / 53.51833; -113.53667 (Saskatchewan x University)
87 Avenue / Groat Road 53°31′22″N 113°32′26″W / 53.52278°N 113.54056°W / 53.52278; -113.54056 (Saskatchewan x 87Av)
West-East Emily Murphy Drive 53°31′51″N 113°31′54″W / 53.53083°N 113.53167°W / 53.53083; -113.53167 (Saskatchewan x Murphy)
110 Street 53°31′33″N 113°30′54″W / 53.52583°N 113.51500°W / 53.52583; -113.51500 (Saskatchewan x 110St)
109 Street / Walterdale Hill 53°31′26″N 113°30′42″W / 53.52389°N 113.51167°W / 53.52389; -113.51167 (Saskatchewan x 109St)
104 Street 53°31′24″N 113°29′51″W / 53.52333°N 113.49750°W / 53.52333; -113.49750 (Saskatchewan x 104St)
Gateway Boulevard 53°31′25″N 113°29′45″W / 53.52361°N 113.49583°W / 53.52361; -113.49583 (Saskatchewan x Gateway)
Queen Elizabeth Park Road 53°31′27″N 113°29′37″W / 53.52417°N 113.49361°W / 53.52417; -113.49361 (Saskatchewan x Queen)
South-North 99 Street 53°31′38″N 113°29′10″W / 53.52722°N 113.48611°W / 53.52722; -113.48611 (Scona x 99St)
97 Avenue (James MacDonald Bridge) / 98 Avenue 53°32′10″N 113°29′2″W / 53.53611°N 113.48389°W / 53.53611; -113.48389 (Scona x 98Av)