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Saskatchewan Highway 155 shield

Highway 155
Route information
Length: 299 km (186 mi)
Existed: 1947 – present
Major junctions
From: Hwy 55 near Green Lake
To: Hwy 955 in La Loche
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 135 Hwy 165

Highway 155 is a paved undivided highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 55 near Green Lake until La Loche, where it intersects with Highway 955. Highway 155 is about 299 km (186 mi.) long.

Communities accessible directly from Highway 155 are Green Lake, Buffalo Narrows, Landing, Bear Creek, and La Loche.
Many provincial recreation sites are also accessible from Highway 155.

Highway 155 connects with Highway 55, Highway 165, Highway 965, Highway 908, Highway 925, Highway 909, Highway 956, and Highway 955.


"No. 155 Highway was begun in 1947 as a development road".

It reached Buffalo Narrows in 1957 where a ferry was needed to cross the Kisis Channel.

"The new road follows closely the old wagon trail cut 100 years earlier by the HBC." (Star-Phoenix-Aug.29.1963)[1]

The official opening of Highway 155 from Green Lake to Buffalo Narrows was held in August 1963 in Green Lake. The old trail to La Loche was rebuilt soon after to become part of Highway 155.
A bridge built in 1981 now crosses the Kisis Channel next to where the ferry was once located. The Kisis Channel connects Churchill Lake to Peter Pond Lake.
In the 1980s the highway was straightened and paved.

Hwy 155 at Buffalo Narrows looking north
Highway 155 as it enters La Loche from the south. Highway 955 intersects on the left. (Canada Day 2008)

Major intersections[edit]

Rural municipality Location km mi Destinations Notes
City of Green Lake 0 0 Hwy 55 Highway 155 begins in Green Lake
  94 58 Hwy 165 Turn left to continue on Hwy 155; going straight leads to Beauval
99 62 Hwy 965 Turn left to Canoe Narrows
154 96 Hwy 908 Turn right to Ile a la Crosse
186 116 Hwy 925 Turn left to Dillon
City of Buffalo Narrows 199 124 Centre
  255 158 Hwy 909 Turn right to Turnor Lake
City of Bear Creek 259 161 Centre
  288 179 Hwy 956 Turn left to Black Point and Garson Lake
299 186 Hwy 955 Turn right to Cluff Lake mine
City of La Loche 300 190 Highway 155 ends
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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