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Highway 20 shield

Highway 20
Route information
Length: 189.8 km (117.9 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Hwy 11 near Lumsden
North end: Hwy 3 near Birch Hills
Wreford RM Humboldt RM Lumsden RM Usborne RM Wolverine RM Three Lakes RM
Major cities: Humboldt, Lanigan, Lumsden
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 19 Hwy 21

Highway 20 is a major road intended for travel by the public between Highway 11 Lumsden to Highway 3 at Birch Hills. Saskatchewan's main roadways are located in the central/southern geographical land area of rolling prairie and grass land in a western Canadian prairie province. This highway is one which runs south to north and is located just east of Saskatoon and just north of Regina. At the northern extremity near Lanigan, the highway helps to service the PCS Lanigan potash mining operation. Down south, the highway is popular for tourists heading out to the Qu'Appelle Valley and resorts and beaches of Last Mountain Lake.


Rural municipalities[edit]


  • On September 26, 2000 Highway 20 saw construction in resurfacing the highway for 6.6 km just north of Lanigan [12]
  • June 20, 2001, another resurfacing project resulted in improvements to a 12.9 km section of Highway 20 just north of Guernsey. It was just north of the Highway 16 junction, and northward and cost an estimated $800,000.[13]

Major Attractions[edit]

Along Highway 20 these are a listing of lakes, big things, statues, historical markers, beaches, historical sites and buildings, national, regional and provincial parks.


Highway 20 piggybacks or shares its route with these other highways, also named a concurrency.

List Junctions Major Intersections south to north[edit]


  • 1925 Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator No. 1 opened at Bulyea junction[3]
  • June 1963, the European-based Alwinsal Corporation of Canada established near Lanigan now known as Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan[7]


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