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Highway 26 shield

Highway 26
Route information
Length198.3 km[1] (123.2 mi)
Major junctions
South end Hwy 4 north of North Battleford
North end Hwy 224 / Hwy 950 at Goodsoil
Meota, Turtle River, Mervin, Frenchman Butte, Loon Lake, Beaver River
TownsTurtleford, St. Walburg
Highway system
Provincial highways in Saskatchewan
Hwy 25Hwy 27

Highway 26 is a highway in the western portion of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The southernmost point is a junction with Highway 4, north of North Battleford. From there, it runs generally northwest, including a 29 km concurrency with Highway 3 from just north of Turtleford to just south of St. Walburg, where it turns to a more northerly route (while Highway 3 continues west). Highway 26 continues north until it terminates at a junction with Highway 224 and Highway 950, at the northern edge of the village of Goodsoil.

Route description[edit]

The southern 100 km (62 mi) of the 200 km (120 mi) Highway 26 runs beside a former Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR) branch line from Prince to St. Walburg, which CNoR built out from North Battleford and steadily extended until 1919.[2][3] The rail line, and adjoining roads, caused a boom in the area, as early homesteaders were then able to deliver their production to grain elevators.[4][3] The Canadian National Railway abandoned the entire branch line in 2005, when the remaining grain elevators closed, with grain now transported by truck on Highway 26.[4]

Major attractions[edit]

Along Highway 26 these are a listing of lakes, big things, statues, historical markers, beaches, historical sites and buildings, national, regional and provincial parks.

Major intersections[edit]

From south to north:[9]

Rural municipalityLocationkm[1]miDestinationsNotes
Meota No. 4680.00.0 Hwy 4 – Meadow Lake, The BattlefordsEast of Prince
Meota14.38.9Metinota Access RoadRoad accesses the south shore of Jackfish Lake
18.811.7 Hwy 697 north – JackfishRoad accesses the west shore of Jackfish Lake
Turtle River No. 469Edam42.426.3 Hwy 674 south / Hwy 769 east
Mervin No. 499Mervin60.337.5 Hwy 794 west
Turtleford68.742.7 Hwy 303 west – Lloydminster
69.543.2 Hwy 3 east – Glaslyn, Prince AlbertSouth end of Hwy 3 concurrency
Spruce Lake88.454.9 Hwy 796 east
Frenchman Butte No. 50198.761.3 Hwy 3 west – Paradise HillNorth end of Hwy 3 concurrency
St. Walburg102.763.8
106.966.4 Hwy 795 east
Loon Lake No. 561146.390.9 Hwy 304 east – Meadow Lake
148.892.5 Hwy 699 eastSouth end of Hwy 699 concurrency
Loon Lake150.193.3 Hwy 699 west – Makwa Lake Provincial ParkNorth end of Hwy 699 concurrency
Beaver River No. 622189.6117.8 Hwy 55 east (NWRR) – Meadow Lake, Prince AlbertSouth end of Hwy 55 concurrency
Peerless191.0118.7 Hwy 55 west (NWRR) – Pierceland, Cold LakeNorth end of Hwy 55 concurrency
191.8119.2 Hwy 779 east – Dorintosh
Goodsoil198.3123.2 Hwy 954 west
Hwy 224 north – Meadow Lake Provincial Park
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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