Saskatchewan Highway 656

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Saskatchewan Highway shield
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Highway 656
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
& Transport Canada
Length: 128.0 km[1] (79.5 mi)
Major junctions
South end: Hwy 7 at Fiske
  Hwy 51
Hwy 14
North end: Hwy 4 near Cando
Rosemount, Reford, Biggar, Mountain View
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 655 Hwy 657

Saskatchewan Highway 656 connects Saskatchewan Highway 7 at Fiske, and Saskatchewan Highway 7 near Cando. The highway intersects SK Hwy 14 at Landis. The length of Highway 656 is 128.0 kilometres (79.5 mi).



Landis, Saskatchewan|Landis

Major Attractions[edit]

Major attractions
Eaglehills Creek

North of Herschel Hwy 656 crosses Eaglehills Creek. East of Hwy 656 is Whitestone Lake which is nestled between highways 51 and 14.

Travel Route[edit]

Highway 656 begins near Fiske and extends north 18.4 kilometres (11.4 mi) to Herschel. At km 20.3, Highway 31 intersects with Highway 56 to make left hand turn entering Highway 656 in the south traveling lane. At km 20.8, Highway 31 merges with Highway 656 in the north lane. Highway 31 and 656 travel concurrently until km 26.5 when Hwy 31 exits to the east. At km 33.4, 768 locates its eastern terminus at Highway 656. Highway 656 meets Highway 51 at km 58.6. Highway 656 takes a sharp right turn from an easterly direction to a north westerly direction. Highway 51 and 656 travel concurrently through Springwater which is located at km 59.1. The concurrency ends after traveling north for 10.6 kilometres (6.6 mi) at km 69.2 when Highway 51 continues west and Highway 656 continues east for 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) before veering north. At km 90.8 Highway 656 travels through Landis. At km 91.1 Highway 656 turns onto Highway 13 from a north heading to an east heading. Highways 13, and 656 travel as a concurrency until km 92.6. Highway 656 continues on east until km 106.0 when the highway turns north. At km 127.2, Highway 656 travels through Cando until the intersection with Highway 4 at km 128.0[1]


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