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Highway 705
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure
& Transport Canada
Length286.6 km[1] (178.1 mi)
Major junctions
West end Hwy 358 at Wood Mountain in Old Post
East end Hwy 47 in Benson
Old Post, Willow Bunch, Bengough, The Gap, Laurier, Lomond, Cymri, Benson
Highway system
Provincial highways in Saskatchewan
Hwy 704Hwy 707

Saskatchewan Highway 705 connects Saskatchewan Highway 358 at Wood Mountain in the rural municipality of in Old Post to SK Hwy 47 in Benson. Highway 705 travels through Halbrite. The length of Highway 705 is 286.6 kilometres (178.1 mi).



Major Attractions[edit]

Major attractions
  • Wood Mountain Post Historic Park
  • St Victor Petroglyphs Historic Park
  • Willow Bunch Lake
  • Long Creek
  • Souris River

Travel Route[edit]

Highway 705 begins at Saskatchewan Highway 358 at Wood Mountain in the rural municipality of Old Post. This location is the route to the east entrance to the Wood Mountain Post Historic Park. The highway has a bearing of west to east, however at Km 0.00 Highway 705 begins in a southerly direction, and at Km 2.4, the highway turns east. At Km 22.8, Highway 705 turns north until Km 24.0 when it returns to an easterly heading. The intersection with Highway 2 is attained at Km. 34.6, which locates the village of Scout Lake. Highway 2 extends to the north and would provide access to the Victor Petroglyphs Historic Park. At Km 36.7, the Highway turns north and is traveling through the RM of Willow Bunch. The highway returns to the easterly course at Km 49.8. At Km Km 58.4, Highway 705 begins a short northern bearing concurrency with Highway 36 through the town of Willow Bunch. At Km 59.2, the concurrency ends at Km 59.2 when Highway 705 turns to the east once more. At Km 75.0, Highway 705 turns south until Km 82.2 when it enters Harptree at the Highway 607 junction. The southerly direction is necessary to skirt around the southern shores of Willow Bunch Lake. Harptree is a within the RM of Bengough. Highway 705 again continues eastward until Km 105.4 when it reaches the Highway 34 junction. At Highway 34, there is a concurrency between Highways 705 and 34. Highway 705 then travels north to a hamlet. After traveling through Bengough, Highway 705 turns east at the junction of Highway 624 which occurs at Km 111.9. At Km 123.2, Highway 705 turns north until Km 124.7. This is the closest proximity to the town of Bengough, which is just north west of this corner. Highway 705 travels mainly east until Km. 143.5 when it meets with Highway 622. This junction is located in the RM of The Gap. There is a concurrency created between Highways 622 and 705 in a southerly direction until Km 150.0. At Km 150.0, Highway 705 has returned to the eastern bearing and at Km 158.1 will reach the intersection with Highway 6. At Km 176.2, in the RM of Laurier, Highway 705 departs from the eastern route, and turns north until Km 179.3. From Km 179.3 until Km 184.2, Highway 705 travels east. At Km 184.2 Highway 705 has an intersection with Highway 28. Highway 705 continues eastward until the next intersection at Km. 216.6, with Highway 35 which is in the RM of Lomond near Colgate. After the intersection, Highway 705 continues east until Km 226.3 where it turns north for a short jaunt. This corner is just north of the village of Goodwater. At Km. 229.6, Highway 705 returns to an easterly course, until Km. 241.2 when Highway 705 turns north. Reaching Halbrite at Km 246.9, Highway 705 travels through the village and reaches the intersection with Highway 39, the CanAm Highway, at Km. 247.1. North of Halbrite, Highway 705 turns east at Km. 247.7 and reaches the intersection with Highway 606 at Km 257.4 which is in the RM of Cymri now. The intersection does not change the course of Highway 705, and travel continues to the east until the terminus at Highway 47 in the RM of Benson.[1]


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