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Highway 905
Route information
Length: 456 km (283 mi)
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Highway 905 is a provincial highway in the far north region of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 102 to Highway 964 near Black Lake. The highway is approximately 456 km (283 mi) long.

Highway 905 starts at Saskatchewan Highway 102, about 22 km southwest of Southend. It goes northward and passes through the Courtenay Lake and Geikie River recreational areas, Wollaston Lake Landing, and the Wollaston Lake recreational area before coming to an intersection with a road that goes to Rabbit Lake mine and Collins Bay. This intersection is about 247 km from Highway 102.

After this intersection, Highway 905 takes a northwestern-bound route,passing through Points North Landing about 30 km from the intersection. At this point it becomes the Athabasca Seasonal (Winter) Road and continues to Black Lake near the junction of Highway 964.[1] [2]

Highway 905 is entirely unpaved. Points North Landing is about 200 km south of Stony Rapids and marks where the road used to end. Points North Landing serves as a permanent camp providing services for the many exploration companies searching for uranium in the area.

The 2010 Official Road Map of Saskatchewan shows that 905 now extends from the end of the winter road at Black Lake to Stony Rapids, an addition 17 km. This road had previously been designed as Saskatchewan Highway 964.