Saskatchewan Highway 964

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Highway 964
Route information
Length: 18 km (11 mi)
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 963 Hwy 965

Highway 964 is a highway in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 905 near Black Lake to Stony Rapids. The highway is approximately 18 km (11 mi.) long.

During wintertime, the connection to Highway 905 is created via a seasonal road, allowing road access to the southern part of the province. The rest of the year, this is impassable and Highway 964 is cut off from the southern road.

Highway 964 is entirely unpaved. An intersection with Highway 966 is just outside Stony Rapids.

The 2010 Official Road Map of Saskatchewan no longer shows this highway. Instead, the highway is labelled as being part of Highway 905.