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Highway 969
Route information
Length: 120 km (70 mi)
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

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Highway 969 is a provincial highway in the northeast region of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It runs from Highway 2 to Highway 165. Highway 969 is about 120 km (75 miles) long.

Route description[edit]

Highway 969 begins at Highway 2 just east of Prince Albert National Park. The road begins moving to the east and then swings to the northeast. Highway 969 enters the town of Montreal Lake, which is named after the nearby Montreal Lake. Highway 926 leaves to the east soon after leaving Montreal Lake. Now paralleling the lake, highway 969 enters Timber Bay, Saskatchewan and leaves soon after.

The highway then heads north to the beginning of Montreal River where the original community of Molanosa was located and then continues north to its northern terminus at Highway 165. Highway 969 comes within a few hundred meters of the exact geographical center of the province of Saskatchewan (near the community of Molanosa).[1] [2]

The highway was originally Saskatchewan Highway number 2 and was the only route to La Ronge. It was renumbered as 169 before it was assigned its current number.


  • Southern Term - Highway 2 near Prince Albert Park.
  • Intersection - Highway 926 in Montreal Lake.
  • Northern Term- Highway 165 north of Timber Bay.

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