Saskatchewan Highway 994

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Highway 994 shield

Highway 994
Route information
Length: 1.1 km (0.7 mi)
Major junctions
West end: Shores of Reindeer Lake in Kinoosao
East end: PR 394 outside of Kinoosao
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 984 Hwy 995

Highway 994 is a provincial highway in the far north region of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. One of the province's shortest highways, it is approximately 1.1 kilometres (0.68 mi) long.[1][2] Highway 994 provides access to the isolated community of Kinoosao.[3] Due to its geographic location, it is the only provincial highway in Saskatchewan that requires entering the neighboring province of Manitoba to travel it. The route begins at the shores of Reindeer Lake in Kinoosao and heads eastward a short distance to the provincial line, where it continues eastward as Manitoba Provincial Road 394 towards Lynn Lake, Manitoba.

Route description[edit]

Highway 994 officially starts at the Manitoba/Saskatchewan border where Provincial Road 394 ends. About 1.1 kilometres (0.68 mi) from the border, Highway 994 passes through the community of Kinoosao. Highway 994 ends 400 metres (1,300 ft) later, on the shore of Reindeer Lake, as the means of access to the largest employer in the region, the fish processing plant.[3][4]


There were plans to build replace a bridge along Highway 994 along Reindeer Lake in Kinoosao during the 2008-09 fiscal year.[5]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Kinoosao, Northern Saskatchewan County.

km[2] mi Destinations Notes
Northern Saskatchewan Kinoosao 0.0 0.0 End of roadway Western terminus of Route 994; Shores of Reindeer Lake
1.11 1.79 PR 394 – Lynn Lake Eastern terminus of Route 994; Manitoba provincial line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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