Saskatchewan Highway 999

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Highway 999 shield

Highway 999
Route information
Length: 11 km (7 mi)
Highway system

Provincial highways in Saskatchewan

Hwy 995 Hwy 1 (TCH)

Highway 999 is a provincial highway in the far north region of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It serves the small settlement of Camsell Portage on the north side of Lake Athabasca. It is one of the few highways in Saskatchewan that is completely isolated (by land) from the other highways of the province, without even a regular seasonal/winter road link, and thus is only used for local traffic. [1] [2]

Google Maps shows a longer road designated Highway 999 east of the hamlet, and not connecting with it; instead this 999 begins near Charlot River Airport due east of Camsell Portage, and runs several kilometres to a residential area near Dam Lake.[3]