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Saskatoon Co-operative Association Limited
Industry Groceries
Headquarters Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Revenue $313 million
$32.5 million
Total assets $146 million
Number of employees
Slogan You're At Home Here

Saskatoon Co-operative Association Limited (commonly referred to as Saskatoon Co-op) is a retail cooperative operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Present Operations[edit]

Saskatoon Co-op Gas Bar in Martensville

Saskatoon Co-op, which achieved sales of 376 million dollars in fiscal 2013, operates four retail food stores, one wine,spirits and beer store, two home centres, one agro centre, one satellite agro centre, 13 gas bars/convenience stores, eight car washes and one travel office. It has operations in Martensville and Warman as well as in Saskatoon. The co-op has 92,000 members and 1,000 employees.[1] It is a member of Federated Co-operatives.

Recently Saskatoon Co-op opened Saskatoon's first private liquor store, occupying 10,000 square feet at Blairmore centre. It is one of the biggest liquor store in the city. [2] [3]

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