Saskatoon Sirens

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Saskatoon Sirens
Team logo
Established 2012
Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Home field Credit Union Centre
Head coach Chris Lambiris
Owner(s) Legends Football League, LLC
League Legends Football League
Division LFL Canada

Navy blue, royal blue, white


The Saskatoon Sirens are an expansion team in the Lingerie Football League set to begin play in the 2012-13 season. Based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Sirens will play their home games at the Credit Union Centre.

The Sirens are one of four teams in the LFL Canada league, after the Toronto Triumph (which played in the main LFL for the 2011-12 season), BC Angels, and their in-province rivals the Regina Rage.

Because Saskatoon lacks a professional football team of its own, the Sirens' colours are based on those of the Saskatoon Blades, the local team in the Western Hockey League.[1]

The Saskatoon Sirens entered the season ranked #4 and expected to finish last in the league. The team met with underdog rankings and much scrutiny from the league all year long despite finishing first in the league with a 3-1 record and being the only team to beat every other team in season play. The Saskatoon Sirens appeared in the first ever LFL Canada Championship bowl, eventually losing the game 25-12 in a very tight, hard fought game. Two mistakes and a couple of objectionable calls were costly to Saskatoon and were capitalized on by the BC Angels.

The 2013 LFL Canada season has been postponed until 2014 due to player disputes, League office scheduling and general preparation. Whether the league will be able to come back from hiatus is questionable at this time and LFL Canada and LFL Australia have been canceled after 1 season each. LFL US has been downsized to 6 teams. The league has been accused of fining players for wearing too many clothes, as well as not paying medical bills for injured players. The league prohibits players from commenting on personnel matters, a rule that prompted the vast majority of the Toronto Triumph, including team captain Krista Ford, to quit in protest in October 2011. Originally a professional league with players receiving a cut of net revenue, Mortaza stopped paying his players beginning in the 2011 season and converted the league into an amateur organization; players must also pay for their own health insurance.

Current roster[edit]

Saskatoon Sirens roster 2013
  • 14 Jamie Foskett QB/S
  • 17 Marilyn Hepp QB/S

Running Backs to Saskatoon

  •  5 Kirsten Kraus RB/LB
  •  4 Casey Simpson RB/LB


  •  1 Teri Hong WR/CB
  • 2 Shelby Guillaume WR/S
  •  3 Alexandra Markova WR/CB
  •  9 Sara Mead WR/CB
  • 6 Britni Voshell TE/DE
  •  8 Carrie Britton TE/DE
  •  10 Rachel Rosette WR/CB
  •  11 Courtney Patterson WR/S
  •  15 Jaylynne McKeen WR/CB
  •  20 Karrah Stangby TE/DE

Offensive Linemen

  • 13 Lindsay Berger OL/LB
  •  12 Jenn Neuman C/DE
  •  7 Candace Friesen C/DL
Defensive Linemen
  • Currently Vacant


  • Currently Vacant

Defensive Backs

Roster updated 2013-09-17

Saskatoon Sirens roster 2012
  •  8 Carrie Britton QB/DL
  • 18 Anne Erler QB/DB
  • 15 Heather Furr QB/S

Running Backs

  •  1 Tamar Fennell RB/CB
  •  4 Casey Simpson RB/LB


  •  6 Ogom Chijindu WR/S
  • 10 Brenna Maxwell WR/OL
  •  2 Jaylynne McKeen WR/CB
  •  9 Sara Mead WR/DB
  • 16 Amanda Stalwick TE

Offensive Linemen

  • 13 Lindsay Berger OL/DL
  • 18 Caitlin Clendinneng OL/DL
  •  7 Candace Friesen C/DL
Defensive Linemen
  • Currently Vacant


  • Currently Vacant

Defensive Backs

  •  3 Trista Stoklako S

Roster updated 2012-10-14


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