Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Fest

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SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Genre Blues
World music
Location(s) Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Years active 1992 – present

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival is an annual outdoor music, food and fun event in the province of Saskatchewan hosted by Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, Inc. (SJF). Normally staged during June, it is host to a range of Canadian and International jazz musicians who travel from across the world to take part. You are likely to encounter everything from Big Band, Rhythm and Blues, Dixieland, Reggae, blues, R&B, gospel music, folk music, funk, soul, classic quartet jazz, hip hop, groove, rock, rap music, country music, bluegrass and everything in between. And of course there is lots of jazz, both contemporary and traditional. In addition to the Saskatoon Delta Bessborough Hotel garden events, the Festival also holds various night concerts at other venues. The festival is a major tourism destination.


The Bessborough Gardens home of the blues gardens

Second Avenue Grill, Saskatoon, and the Spadina Freehouse, Saskatoon are both hosting a series of jazz performances. 21st Street and Kiwanis Park south, Saskatoon as well as F.W. Hill Mall, Regina will host free performances.

Club Jazz[edit]

Free stages hosted by the jazz festival which began in 1989.


TD Canada Trust High School Jazz Intensive features clinics by Jazz musicians for aspiring high school students at the Broadway Theatre.


The Special Recognition Award is awarded for making significant contributions to Jazz of Saskatchewan or Canada. Since 1989 musicians, educators, or supporters have received this award.

Special Recognition Award
Year Recipient
1989 Paul Perry
1990 Gordie Brandt
1981 Chris Gage
1992 Bridge City Dixieland Jazz Band
1993 Herbie Spanier
1984 Jon Ballantyne
1995 Bob Moyer
1996 Solstice
1997 Jim Moffat
1998 Barney Kutz
1999 Bobby Klassen
2000 Don Watson
2001 Don Keeler
2002 Dr. Ed Lewis
2003 Ray Dahlen Sound
2003 Peter Dyksman
2005 Broadway Bill Watson
2006 Maurice Drouin
2007 Pat Steel

Jazz Outreach Project[edit]

This feature of the Jazz festival features musical performances in special care homes for those who may not be able to attend the jazz festival venues.


The first sponsor of the Jazz festival was du Maurier Ltd, and the festival was only held in Saskatoon for a short run of only 5 days. Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw, North Battleford, and Prince Albert are various venues which include performances. 2003 there was also performances held in Lloydminster. 2006 saw the 20th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival and was recorded as the second largest jazz festival of Western Canada with attendance of over 40000.[1]


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