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Sasoli (Balochi: بلوچ ‎‎ is a Baloch tribe in Balochistan. It is considered to be either a subdivision of the Zehri tribe and also a part of Burfat or Bulmat Baloch Tribe.[1]

Sasoli is a very famous tribe of Baloch nation. The great forefather of Sasoli are Sardar Mir Siraj uddin Sasoli, Sardar nasrrullah khan chief of sasoli, Sardar allah gull khan sasoli and Mir Meerka Khan Sasoli. The present chief of sasoli is sardar nasrullah khan Sasoli]] and other sardar muhammad gul khan sasoli sarlat]]. The Sasoli tribe native are present in large number in Baluchistan. The native of Sasoli tribe speaks the both languages brohi and balochi. The natives of Sasoli are also present in other provinces of Pakistan Sind,Panjab, and Kpk. The Sasoli tribe Migrated from Aleppo along with other Baloch Tribes the native are also present in Iran and Russia.


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