Sassoon Docks

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The Sassoon Docks
Aerial view of Sassoon Docks

The Sassoon Docks is one of the oldest docks in Mumbai, and one of the few docks in the city open to the public.[1] It is situated just off Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai, and is today one of largest fish markets in the city.[2] Its neighboring features are Mumbai Port Trust Garden and Offices of Fisheries Department, and overlooks Oyster Rock, an island in the Mumbai harbour, at a distance.


Built in 1875 on reclaimed land,[3] by Albert Abdullah David Sassoon (1818–1896), son of David Sassoon, a Baghdadi Jew and the leader of the Jewish community in Bombay, belonging to the Sassoon family.

In media[edit]

The docks is the main fish loading and trading centre in South Mumbai. The Sassoon Docks was featured in one of the episodes of the reality series: The Amazing Race.

It is located in south of the Colaba area.


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Coordinates: 18°54′41.81″N 72°49′34.11″E / 18.9116139°N 72.8261417°E / 18.9116139; 72.8261417