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Family name
Meaning Fujiwara (藤原) of Saemon-no-jō (左衛門尉),[1] Fujiwara of Sano (佐野), Fujiwara from Sado (佐渡), etc.
Region of origin Japan
Language(s) of origin Japanese
Clan affiliations Fujiwara clan, etc.

Satō (佐藤) is the most common Japanese surname,[2] it is often romanized as Sato, Satoh, Saato or Satou. It is pronounced as "satoː". Notable people with the surname include:



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  • Sato, Kagoshima-mura, former town in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, now absorbed into the city of Satsumasendai-shi (薩摩川内市)
  • Sato, Tibet


  1. ^ Saemon-no-jō (左衛門尉) was () (inspector [third highest of the four administrative ranks of the Ritsuryō period]) in Saemon-fu (左衛門府), and the corresponding court rank was Sixth Rank.
  2. ^ "明治安田生命 全国同姓調査 [Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company - National same family name investigation]" (PDF) (Press release). Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company. 2008-09-24. Retrieved 2012-05-30.