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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics/Marvel UK
First appearance (UK)Captain Britain Monthly #3 (1984)
(US)Excalibur #3 (1988)
Created by Alan Davis
In-story information
Alter ego Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9
Species Human Mutant
Team affiliations Hellfire Club
Notable aliases Courtney Ross, White Queen
Abilities channel psychic power through her eyes that force those of weak wills to submit to her every desire

Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9 (also spelled Sat-Yr-nin) is a fictional character and supervillainess in the Marvel Universe.

Publication history[edit]

Sat-Yr-9 first appeared in the UK title Captain Britain Monthly #3 (1984), and was created by Alan Davis. Her first US appearance was in Excalibur #3 (1988).

Fictional character biography[edit]


Opul Lun Sat-Yr-9 was a dictator who ruled Earth-794 with her lover Kaptain Briton. When he fled from her, traveling to Earth-616 where he knew he had an identical looking counterpart, Earth-616's Captain Britain, she sent armored troops to retrieve him. They mistakenly attacked Captain Britain twice, but were repelled on each occasion, the first time by Britain and his ally Meggan, the second by Britain's sister Betsy. Sat-Yr-9 next hired the interdimensional mercenary group, the Technet, but Briton swapped places with Britain, and the Technet took the wrong man back to Earth-794.[1] Britain later convinced the Technet of their error, but Sat-Yr-9 tried to stop them departing with him; the Technet slaughtered her soldiers, and the already psychotic Sat-Yr-9 became completely unhinged.[2] After they departed, she started slaughtering her subjects, leading Roma to send Captain UK on a mission to overthrow and imprison her.[3]

While Britain was on Earth-794, Briton was killed by Betsy when he tried to rape her.[4]

Courtney Ross[edit]

Sat-Yr-9 kills Courtney Ross to take her place. Art by Alan Davis.

Escaping to Earth-616 through a dimension gateway that had been opened by Widget for an unassuming civilian on Earth-616, Sat-Yr-9 incinerated her alternate reality counterpart, a businesswoman named Courtney Ross, and took her place.[5] An example of interdimensional similarities, Ross was Captain Britain's ex-girlfriend. As Ross, she tried to create a rift between Captain Britain and his current girlfriend Meggan.

Sat-Yr-9 also knew about Jamie Braddock's reality warping powers before anyone else did (including Jamie himself), since she knew about the reality warping powers of Jamie's alternate reality counterpart in her timeline of origin. This seeming Ross challenged Nigel Frobisher to a high-stakes card game at the London Hellfire Club, and won. Frobisher agreed to serve her, and she ordered him to engage the Technet to rescue the imprisoned Earth-616 Jamie Braddock from Doc Croc, intending to use his great powers as a living weapon against difficult adversaries.[6] This seeming Ross later took Kitty Pryde under her guidance.[7] She enrolled Kitty in the St. Searle's School for Young Ladies, and arranged a deal to save St. Searle's from bankruptcy.[8]

She used Jamie's powers to change Frobisher into a duplicate of the London Crime Vixen, while changing Vixen herself into a fox. With Frobisher as Vixen, Sat-Yr-9 took over the Vixen's crime syndicate.[volume & issue needed]

With her powerbase built, she attacked Excalibur, revealing her true identity to them. She tried to enslave Captain Britain and it's implied she raped him while he's under her mind control, against Frobisher's advice. Frobisher rebelled and was killed by her. Excalibur managed to defeat Jamie, and Sat-Yr-9 and her troops were forced to flee.[volume & issue needed] Captain Britain swore to avenge Courtney's death, but was unable to track Sat-Yr-9 down.

Hellfire Club[edit]

After the events of House of M, Sat-Yr-9 appeared once again under the alias of "Courtney Ross", she has joined the Hellfire Club as its White Queen, with Viper, a former HYDRA assassin, as her self-proclaimed "White Princess" and bodyguard. She has been seen publicly appearing as Courtney Ross again, trying to convince Captain Britain that she somehow is the real Courtney Ross. So far Captain Britain remains unconvinced, but hasn't moved against her.


  • Along with Courtney Ross, Sat-Yr-9 has another alternate reality counterpart; Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix of Otherworld and a servant of Roma.
  • An alternate version of Sat-Yr-9 appears in Paradise X: Heralds, where she displays the power to control men through pheromones. The regular Sat-Yr-9 never displayed this ability. This version is called Saturnyne, despite her appearance being that of Sat-Yr-9.
  • Sat-Yr-9 can be distinguished visually from her alternate reality counterparts by a tattoo of her stylized knife emblem on her right thigh.


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