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Screenshot of SatNOGS Network
Screenshot of SatNOGS Network
Developer(s)Libre Space Foundation
Initial releaseApril 2014; 4 years ago (2014-04)
TypeSatellite Ground Station Network
LicenseGNU GPL v3+, AGPL, CERN Open Hardware License

SatNOGS (Satellite Networked Open Ground Station) project is a free software and open source hardware platform aimed to create a satellite ground station network. The scope of the project is to create a full stack of open technologies based on open standards, and the construction of a full ground station as a showcase of the stack.[1][full citation needed][2][3].


The SatNOGS project was initiated during NASA SpaceApps Challenge in 2014 at Athens Hackerspace.[4] The project then took part in and won the first place of the Hackaday Prize 2014 competition.[5] SatNOGS is currently a project of the Libre Space Foundation[6].


SatNOGS aims to provide a stack of technologies needed for a distributed network of low earth orbit satellite ground stations. In order to implement such a stack the four following different sub-projects are developed[clarification needed]

SatNOGS version 2 ground station deployed during FOSDEM 2015


SatNOGS Network is a web application for scheduling observations across the network of ground stations.[7] [8][full citation needed] It facilitates the coordination of satellite signal observations, and scheduling such observations among the satellite ground-stations connected on the network.[citation needed]


SatNOGS Database is a crowd-sourced application allowing its users to suggest[vague] satellite transmitter information for currently active satellites. Its data is available via an API[clarification needed][9] or a Web-application interface allowing other project to use its satellite transmitter information.[citation needed]


SatNOGS Client is the software to run on ground stations, usually on embedded systems, that receives the scheduled observations from the Network, receives the satellite transmission and sends it back to the Network web app.[10] [11]

Ground Station[edit]

SatNOGS Ground Station is an open source hardware ground station instrumentation with a rotator,[12] antennas,[13] electronics[14][full citation needed] and connected to the Client. It is based on 3D printed components, readily available materials.

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