Satamisaki Lighthouse

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Satamisaki Lighthouse
Sata Misaki
Sata Misaki Lighthouse Kagoshima Japan.JPG
Satamisaki Lighthouse
Satamisaki Lighthouse is located in Japan
Satamisaki Lighthouse
LocationCape Sata
Minamiōsumi, Kagoshima
Coordinates30°59′31.6″N 130°39′34″E / 30.992111°N 130.65944°E / 30.992111; 130.65944
Year first constructedOctober 18, 1871 (1871-10-18) (first)
Year first lit1950 (current)
Constructionconcrete tower
Tower shapeoctagonal tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower and lantern
Tower height12.6 metres (41 ft)
Focal height68 metres (223 ft)
Original lensThird order Fresnel
Intensity400,000 Candela
Rangemain: 21.5 nautical miles (24.7 mi; 39.8 km)
reserve: 12 nautical miles (14 mi; 22 km)
CharacteristicFl (2) W 16s.[1]
Admiralty numberM4836
NGA number10912
ARLHS numberJPN-539
Japan numberJCG-6701[2]

Satamisaki Lighthouse (佐多岬灯台, satamisaki tōdai) is a lighthouse on Cape Sata on the Ōsumi Peninsula, in the town of Minamiōsumi, Kagoshima, Japan.


This lighthouse was designed by Richard Henry Brunton who was hired by the government of Japan at the beginning of the Meiji period to help construct lighthouses to make the country safe for foreign ships. It was first lit on October 18, 1871; 148 years ago (1871-10-18).

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