Satan Was a Lady

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Satan Was a Lady
Directed by Doris Wishman (billed as Kenyon Wintel)
Produced by Doris Wishman (billed as Kenyon Wintel)
Written by Bruce Leatoni
Starring Bree Anthony, Tony Richards, Annie Sprinkle, Bobby Astyr
Cinematography Charles Lamont
Edited by Luigi Galloniti
Release date
  • 1975 (1975)
Running time
approx. 70 Mins
Country United States
Language English

Satan Was a Lady is an American 1975 hardcore pornographic film, produced and directed by Doris Wishman,[1] and starring Bree Anthony, Tony Richards, Annie Sprinkle and Bobby Astyr.


Claudia (Bree Anthony) and Victor (Tony Richards) are engaged to be married. Claudia's sister Terry (Annie Sprinkle) has affairs with Victor and with Bobby (Bobby Astyr) while Victor has another girlfriend on the side (C. J. Laing). Meanwhile, Ada (Sandy Foxx) – Terry's mother and Claudia's stepmother – schemes to cheat Claudia out of her inheritance. In the end, the entire plot is revealed, but not without dire consequences for Claudia.


  • Bree Anthony (Claudia)
  • Tony Richards (Victor, billed as Tony Rich)
  • Annie Sprinkle (Terry, billed as Anny Sands)
  • Bobby Astyr (Bobby, billed as Bobby Astyn)
  • C.J. Laing (Victor's mistress, billed as Chris Jackson)
  • Sandy Foxx (Ada - Terry's mother, billed as Sandi Foxx)
  • Neil Rhodes (Detective)

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