Satanic Slaughter

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Satanic Slaughter
Also known as Evil Cunt
Origin Linköping, Sweden
Genres Black metal, death metal
Years active 1985–2006
Labels Necropolis Records
Black Sun Records
Website Official Site

Satanic Slaughter was a black metal band from Sweden.


Having previously performed under the name Evil Cunt, the group first adopted the name Satanic Slaughter in 1985.[1] The group went through several guitarists and other lineup changes in its early years before releasing its first demo, One Night in Hell, in 1988. The group split late in 1989 due to lead guitarist Ztephan "Dark" Karlsson's imprisonment for assault.[1] In 1992, the group re-formed with former members of Seance, and began playing again in November 1994.

This lineup recorded its first album in 1996, which was issued on Necropolis Records; a second album followed on the same label the next year. In 1997, this incarnation of the group disbanded, and all of the members except Dark went on to reunite under the name Witchery;[2] following this, Dark decided to reconstitute the band with new members.[1]

Further lineup changes occurred between 1997 and the release of their next LP, 2000's Afterlife Kingdom, which was followed by touring in Europe with Ragnarok.[1] In the wake of Witchery's success, Necropolis reissued Satanic Slaughter and Land of the Unholy Souls as a two-fer in 2001.[2] 2002 saw the group release Banished to the Underworld and more European touring with Lord Belial and Corporation 187.[1] In 2004, the group returned to Europe to tour with Misericordia and Avenger.[1]

After a short hiatus the group reassembled, again with new members, and announced new plans in March 2006. However, these were quickly cut short when Dark, the only remaining original member of the group, died of heart failure in April 2006.[1]



Lineup as of 2006
Former members






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