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Studio album by Masami Akita & Russell Haswell
Released 25 November 2002 (2002-11-25)
Recorded 14 June 1999
Studio The Abbey, London, UK
Genre Noise, computer music
Length 47:36
Label Warp
Producer Masami Akita & Russell Haswell
Masami Akita & Russell Haswell chronology
Live at the Neils Yard Rough Trade Shop London
(2000)Live at the Neils Yard Rough Trade Shop London2000

Satanstornade is a studio album by Masami Akita and Russell Haswell, who had previously performed together under the name Satanstornade. The music was completely improvised and was mixed live direct to stereo at the house of a friend of Haswell.[1] On the sleeve all of the text and logos (except the barcode) are printed with a clear varnish, requiring one to hold it at an angle to read.

Track listing[edit]

1."Fend Off Your Miserable Grief"3:00
2."Unlock the Mysteries of the Sun"17:22
3."Track 5"13:50
4."Testicular Fortitude"13:24
Side one
1."Unlock the Mysteries of the Sun" 
Side two
1."Fend Off Your Miserable Grief" 
2."Testicular Fortitude" (edit) 
3."Track 5" (edit) 

Note: Each track ends in a lock groove, the tracks on side two are separated by wide bands etched with the title of the previous track.[2]


Notes and credits are adapted from the album liner notes.[3][4]

  • Recorded live direct to Sony MD 4 track + direct stereo mixdown @ The Abbey, London 14.6.99
  • Digital MD to hardisk transfer, pre-mastering & edits @ Mego, Berlin 05.10.99 & 10.10.99
  • Edits for this format in Coventry 01.07.01 & 03.07.01 [LP version]
  • Digitally mastered @ Country Masters in Frimley 30.07.01 [CD version]
  • Vinyl mastered at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin 20.07.01 [LP version]
  • Growls directed at: Berthold, Gilbert, Pieper...
  • Note: Headphone listening at maximum volume is suggested

The CD version has a DDD SPARS code.

The LP version includes the following note:

  • The audio on this vinyl disc was originally recorded on digital equipment. we have attempted to preserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording. because of its high resolution, however, comparison to the digital original can reveal the limitations of this vinyl version.


  • Oswald Berhold – digital MD to hardisk transfer
  • Russell Haswell – pre-mastering, edits; edits for this format [LP version]
  • Denis Blackham – digital mastering [CD version]
  • Rashad Becker – vinyl mastering [LP version]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalogue
Japan 23 November 2002 Beat Records CD BRWP666
UK 25 November 2002 Warp Records CD WARPCD666


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