Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University

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Satbayev Kazakh National Research Technical University (KazNRTU)
Қ. И. Сәтбаев атындағы Қазақ ұлттық техникалық зерттеу университеті
Казахский национальный технический исследовательский университет имени К. И. Сатпаева
Type National
Established 1934
Rector Iskander Beisembetov
Address 22 Satpayev street, Kazakhstan Almaty, Kazakhstan
Campus urban

Kazakh National Research Technical University (Kazakh: Қазақ Ұлттық Техникалық Зерттеу Университет, Qazaq Ulttıq Texnïkalıq Zertteu Wnïversïtet, Russian: Казахский Национальный Технический Исследовательский Университет, Kazakhskiy Natsional'nîy Tekhnicheskiy Issledovatel'skiy Universitet) named after Kanysh Satpayev is a leading technical university in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Monument in Kanysh Satpayev's honor in front of Kazakh National Technical Research University (KazNRTU) which was named after him


In the 1930s, to improve the technical and economic state of the national economy, development of higher technical education was prioritized.

On October 20, 1933 by Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR "On personnel training for Kazakhstan" was established the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute (KazMMI) with two faculties: mining and non-ferrous metals in a capital of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata.

On September 19, 1934 the first academic year at Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute began.

  • 1934-1960 - Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute (KazMMI);
  • 1960-1994 - Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI);
  • From 1994 - Kazakh National Technical University (KazNTU).

Kazakh Polytechnic Institute named after V.I. Lenin was renamed as Kazakh National Technical University based on Decree No. 43 issued by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan on January 7, 1994 and in accordance with Order No. 1 issued by the Ministry of Education on February 2, 1994.

Based on Decree No. 1436 issued by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on September 22, 1999, Kazakh National Technical University was named after Kanysh Satpayev. Based on Decree No. 1879 issued December 8, 1999, Kazakh National Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev was transformed into republican national budget-supported enterprise.

Based on Decree No. 892 issued by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on June 29, 2001, Kazakh National Technical University named after Kanysh Satpayev was renamed into Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University.

Based on Decree No. 149 issued by the government on February 11, 2003, republican national budget-supported enterprise "Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University" was reorganized into republican enterprise on the basis of economic control rights "Satbayev Kazakh National Technical University" under the Ministry of Education and Science.



At the Kazakh Technical University after K. I. Satpaev the educational activity is delivered by seven Profile Institutes, International Institute of Postgraduate Education “Excellence polytech,” Institute for Distance Learning, College.

The university delivers training of:

  • 28 bachelors educational programs of the technical sphere and 18 educational programs of nontechnical sphere
  • 50 Masters educational programs
  • 24 PhD educational programs
  • on the base of college 18 bachelors short educational programs
  • 5 international educational programs of Cyprus University
  • 46 educational programs on the base of the second higher education


The Scientific Library has a fund more than 2 million copies; 504,919 copies in Kazakh, in other languages 44,432 copies, every year updated with new editions. Readers of the library are more than 15,000 people — not only students but also the faculty, researchers, educational support personnel, and other staff.[1]

All the activities of the Scientific Library are aimed at providing literature of the learning process, research, and cultural needs of its readers.

Scientific Library has 8 subscriptions and 10 reading rooms. Number of seats in the halls are 1650. The library annually registers more than 600,000 visits, delivers up to 1 million books, magazines and newspapers. It is subscribed to more than 500 Kazakh and Russian periodicals.


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