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Satelín-Torres is an activist group aimed towards building up conscience around culture and identity in Ciudad Satélite. Founded in Ciudad Satélite in 2003 by visual artist Fernando Llanos and radio journalist Uriel Waizel. They were joined in 2004 by writers Melissa Suarez del Real and Lilián Vázquez and graphic designer Nayeli Agatón. As a community of enthusiasts, Satelín-Torres still receives voluntaries interested in helping the comunitary cause, through their own skills, hobbies and jobs.

The site [1] operating since 2004, gathers a manifesto, pop culture (aided with an extensive graphic database), anecdotes, and essays from both "Satelucos"—born in, or around Ciudad Satélite—and non-Satelucos (mostly "Chilangos", as persons from Mexico City are known), in an effort to rescue information ranging from the foundation of the suburb until the present times, towards a proud future of Ciudad Satélite.

One main aim of the group is to dignify and improve conditions around Ciudad Satélite's main landmark, artist Mathias Goeritz and architect Luis Barragán's Torres de Satélite, that will turn 50 years old between 2007 and 2008.


On August 2005, the now defunct DF por Travesías, a kind of leisure magazine specialized in Mexico City focused its number 45 on the exposure of the Ciudad Satélite phenomena, by the all-inclusive democratic slogan "Todos Somos Satelucos". The issue, powered by the Satelín-Torres initiative and archives, was claimed by the magazine as its best selling number ever in its three-year lifespan. An unusual "satelucan pride" re-gentrification party was thrown on late August 2005 to celebrate the success. A selection of kitsch 80s songs celebrating the assumed bad taste from "Satelucos" was chosen DJs Mister and Mister a.k.a. (Jorge 'Negro' Hipólito, from Noiselab and Mauricio 'Micro' Esparza, along with visuals by Fernando Llanos.

Prominent Satelucos[edit]

Satelín-Torres looks toward building up a list of renowned Satelucos:

Academic figures[edit]

Architecture, Design and Engineering[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]

Milarca C. Kruse-Whatley (b. Llergo). Biomedical writer and editor in the fields of medical and research ethics, University of Montreal alumna.

History and Politics[edit]

Physics and chemistry[edit]

Entertainment figures[edit]

Actors and Actresses[edit]

Beauty pageants[edit]


Film directors[edit]

Producers, screenwriters and creators[edit]

Record Industry Executives[edit]

Singers and popular musicians[edit]



Artistic figures[edit]


Classical musicians[edit]



Publicists, Graphic Designers[edit]





Historical figures[edit]


Miguel Alemán






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Ciudad Satélite's Iconography[edit]

"Martians" on flyer saucer, space-age famous icons of 50's real estate TV advertising that brought attention to the zone, labeling it as "The Satellite City", the first suburb orbiting around Mexico City.

Extinct landmarks, shops, restaurants, venues[edit]

Satelín Torres aims towards recovering the locality's history. Here is a list of extinct venues: