11th Satellite Awards

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11th Satellite Awards
Date December 18, 2006 (2006-12-18)
Best drama film The Departed
Best comedy/musical film Dreamgirls
Best director Bill Condon for Dreamgirls
Best television drama House, M.D.
Best television comedy Ugly Betty

The 11th Satellite Awards, honoring the best in film- and television-making in 2006, were given on December 18, 2006.


Special Achievement Awards[edit]

Auteur Award (for his visionary work as a filmmaker)Robert Altman

Mary Pickford Award (for outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry)Martin Landau

Nikola Tesla Award (for creating special effects on the 1978 film Superman that pre-dated contemporary computer-generated images)Richard Donner

Outstanding Guest Star (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit)Jerry Lewis

Motion picture winners and nominees[edit]

Best Actor – Drama[edit]

Forest WhitakerThe Last King of Scotland

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy[edit]

Joseph CrossRunning with Scissors

Best Actress – Drama[edit]

Helen MirrenThe Queen

Best Actress – Musical or Comedy[edit]

Meryl StreepThe Devil Wears Prada

Best Animated or Mixed Media Film[edit]

Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno)

Best Art Direction and Production Design[edit]

Flags of Our FathersHenry Bumstead, Richard Goddard and Jack Taylor, Jr.

Best Cinematography[edit]

Flags of Our FathersTom Stern

Best Costume Design[edit]

The Devil Wears PradaPatricia Field

Best Director[edit]

Bill CondonDreamgirls
Clint EastwoodFlags of Our Fathers

Best Documentary Film[edit]

Deliver Us from Evil

Best Editing[edit]

X-Men: The Last StandMark Helfrich, Mark Goldblatt and Julia Wong

Best Film – Drama[edit]

The Departed

Best Film – Musical or Comedy[edit]


Best Foreign Language Film[edit]

To Return (Volver), Spain

Best Original Score[edit]

"Babel" – Gustavo Santaolalla

Best Original Song[edit]

"You Know My Name" performed by Chris CornellCasino Royale

Best Screenplay – Adapted[edit]

The DepartedWilliam Monahan

Best Screenplay – Original[edit]

The QueenPeter Morgan

Best Sound[edit]


Best Supporting Actor[edit]

Leonardo DiCaprioThe Departed

Best Supporting Actress[edit]

Jennifer HudsonDreamgirls

Best Visual Effects[edit]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Outstanding Motion Picture Ensemble[edit]

The Departed

Television winners and nominees[edit]

Best Actor – Drama Series[edit]

Hugh LaurieHouse, M.D.

Best Actor – Musical or Comedy Series[edit]

James SpaderBoston Legal

Best Actor – Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Bill NighyGideon's Daughter

Best Actress – Drama Series[edit]

Kyra SedgwickThe Closer

Best Actress – Musical or Comedy Series[edit]

Marcia CrossDesperate Housewives

Best Actress – Miniseries or TV Film[edit]

Judy DavisA Little Thing Called Murder

Best Miniseries[edit]

To the Ends of the Earth

Best Series – Drama[edit]

House, M.D.

Best Series – Musical or Comedy[edit]

Ugly Betty

Best Supporting Actor – (Mini)Series or TV Film[edit]

Tony PlanaUgly Betty

Best Supporting Actress – (Mini)Series or TV Film[edit]

Julie BenzDexter

Best TV Film[edit]

A Little Thing Called Murder

Outstanding Television Ensemble[edit]

Grey's Anatomy

New Media winners and nominees[edit]

Best Classic DVD[edit]

The Conformist

Best Documentary DVD[edit]

An Inconvenient Truth

Best DVD Extras[edit]

Mission: Impossible III

Best DVD Release of TV Shows[edit]

The Simpsons For "The Complete Eighth Season".

Outstanding Action/Adventure Game[edit]

New Super Mario Bros.

Outstanding Game Based on a Previous Medium[edit]

Kingdom Hearts II

Outstanding Overall DVD[edit]

Superman, Superman II, Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, Superman III, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Superman Returns For the "Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition".

Outstanding Puzzle/Strategy Game[edit]

Company of Heroes

Outstanding Role Playing Game[edit]

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Outstanding Sports Game[edit]


Outstanding Youth DVD[edit]

The Little Mermaid

Awards breakdown[edit]



4 / 6 The Departed: Best Film – Drama / Best Screenplay – Adapted / Best Supporting Actor / Outstanding Motion Picture Ensemble
4 / 11 Dreamgirls: Best Film – Musical or Comedy / Best Director & Sound / Best Supporting Actress
3 / 10 Flags of Our Fathers: Best Art Direction and Production Design / Best Cinematography & Director
2 / 3 The Devil Wears Prada: Best Actress – Musical or Comedy / Best Costum Design
2 / 4 The Queen: Best Actress – Drama / Best Screenplay – Original
1 / 1 Casino Royale: Best Original Song
1 / 1 Deliver Us from Evil: Best Documentary Film
1 / 1 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest: Best Visual Effects
1 / 2 The Last King of Scotland: Best Actor – Drama
1 / 2 Running with Scissors: Best Actor – Musical or Comedy
1 / 3 Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno): Best Animated or Mixed Media Film
1 / 4 To Return (Volver): Best Foreign Language Film
1 / 4 X-Men: The Last Stand: Best Editing
1 / 8 Babel: Best Original Score


0 / 5 Little Miss Sunshine
0 / 4 Little Children
0 / 3 The Da Vinci Code, Notes on a Scandal, Thank You for Smoking, Venus,
0 / 2 Aurora Borealis, The Black Dahlia, Changing Times (Les temps qui changent), Curse of the Golden Flower (Man cheng jin dai huang jin jia), The Fountain, Half Nelson, The House of Sand (Casa de Areia), The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen), Marie Antoinette, A Prairie Home Companion, Stranger Than Fiction, V for Vendetta



2 / 2 House, M.D.: Best Actor – Drama Series / Best Series – Drama
2 / 2 A Little Thing Called Murder: Best Actress – Miniseries or TV Film / Best TV Film
2 / 4 Ugly Betty: Best Series – Musical or Comedy Series / Best Supporting Actor – (Mini)Series or TV Film
1 / 1 Boston Legal: Best Actor – Musical or Comedy Series
1 / 1 The Closer: Best Actress – Drama Series
1 / 1 To the Ends of the Earth: Best Miniseries
1 / 1 Grey's Anatomy: Outstanding Television Ensemble
1 / 2 Desperate Housewives: Best Actress – Musical or Comedy Series
1 / 3 Dexter: Best Supporting Actress – (Mini)Series or TV Film
1 / 3 Gideon's Daughter: Best Actor – Miniseries or TV Film


0 / 4 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
0 / 3 Bleak House, Elizabeth I, Mrs. Harris
0 / 2 24, Big Love, The Colbert Report, Entourage, The Office, Rescue Me, Thief, Weeds