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Sateri is a manufacturer of viscose rayon, a natural fibre made with 100% dissolving wood pulp from trees grown on renewable plantations.[1] Sateri supplies high-quality fibre to the manufacturers of everything from comfortable clothing and durable home textiles to skin-friendly baby wipes, beauty masks and other personal hygiene products.[2]

As the largest maker of viscose fibre in China – with three modern mills and annual capacity of 550,000 tons – Sateri has policies guiding sustainability, environmental protection and responsible production. The company’s corporate office is in Shanghai. Sateri does not use wood pulp from natural, ancient or endangered forests or from forests of high conservation value or high carbon stock or from the habitats of endangered species.[3] Sateri’s Pulp Sourcing Policy[4] and Sustainability Policy[5] apply to all of its dissolving wood pulp suppliers.

The three plants in China have Chain of Custody certification from the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and are certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Sateri also has Swiss-based Oeko-Tex certification, which confirms that its fibre products are free from harmful substances and comply with European Union regulations.[6]

In May 2016, Sateri bought a controlling stake in Linz (Nanjing) Viscose Yarn Co Ltd.[7] The spinning mill, set up in 2007 by Austria’s Linz Textil, makes high-quality viscose yarn products that are exported worldwide.[8]

Sateri has contributed to the community including donating library books, helping with disaster relief, conducting environmental awareness training and funding athletic and cultural activities.[9]


Sateri started operating in 2002 when it began building a viscose staple fibre (VSF) mill near the city of Jiujiang in southeastern China. Sateri (Jiangxi) Chemical Fibre Co Ltd’s plant went into commercial production in 2004.[10]

The company’s second plant – Sateri (Fujian) Fibre Co Ltd in Putian – opened in 2013 with an investment of US$500 million.

In June 2015, the company launched its third mill in China – Sateri (Jiujiang) Fibre Co Ltd – by completing the acquisition of a plant from Jiangxi Longda.

In August 2016, Sateri confirmed orders for machinery to expand production capacity of VSF. The total investment is expected to exceed US$1.5 billion.[11]

Sateri's business was previously one of the businesses in a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Limited under the stock code: Sateri’s VSF operations were privatised and separated from the listed company[12] and was renamed Bracell Limited in February 2015.[13]

Sateri is managed by Royal Golden Eagle [14] and was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto.[15][16]


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