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For a definition of the word "satiate", see the Wiktionary entry satiate.
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Studio album by Avail
Released 1992
Recorded September–October 1991 at Gizmo Recording Company & Wolftrack Studios
Genre Hardcore punk, punk rock
Length 38:52
Label Catheter-Assembly Records/Lookout! Records/Old Glory Records
Producer Avail
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Satiate is the first album released by Avail in 1992. Satiate was originally released on the band's own Catheter-Assembly Records, then re-released on Old Glory Records later that year. In 1994, Lookout! Records issued the album on CD with two additional tracks, taken from Avail's 7" release Attempt to Regress.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "March"   3:20
2. "All About It"   1:27
3. "Forgotten"   2:56
4. "Bob's Crew"   2:15
5. "Observations"   1:09
6. "Upward Grind"   4:13
7. "Stride"   2:54
8. "Timeframe"   2:35
9. "Pinned Up"   3:00
10. "Predictable"   1:21
11. "Twisted"   5:26
12. "Hope"   1:43
Total length:
1994 Reissue
No. Title Length
11. "Connection"   3:35
12. "Mr. Morgan"   3:00
Total length:

The song Mr. Morgan is named after an elderly Richmond resident who was beaten to death for a few dollars.