Sato Pharmaceutical Canada Inc

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Coordinates: 49°11′12″N 123°06′26″W / 49.186805°N 123.107211°W / 49.186805; -123.107211

Sato Pharmaceutical Canada Inc is the Canadian subsidiary of the Sato Pharmaceutical Corporation, which is based in Japan. The company's Canadian headquarters are located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sato Pharmaceutical's main focus is on over-the-counter medicines. The company's products are sold in 14 countries around the world. The company's customer bases are located in Asia, North America and Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, Canada and Germany.

Sato Pharmaceutical Canada Inc opened its Vancouver office in autumn of 2006. The Canadian operation primarily focuses on selling the Kenzen products, such as medicated pads, gel, and spray, and the Yunker Kotei Natural Energy Drinks.


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