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Satoshi Kamiya (神谷 哲史, Kamiya Satoshi, born June 6, 1981 in Nagoya, Japan) is among the most advanced origami masters in the world. He began the art at age two, and began seriously designing more advanced models in 1995, and has since made hundreds of origami models.[1] Perhaps his most famous design is Ryujin 3.5, an elaborate dragon covered with scales and having feelers, claws, and horns. The work can take up to one month to fold properly.[2] Satoshi has drawn inspiration for his designs from Manga, nature, and both eastern and western mythologies.

Many of Satoshi's origami designs are exceptionally complex; the dragons require around 275 steps each and need to be made from at least 20" squares of thin paper or foil. The dragon model (ryu-zin) is unique, however, in that the crease pattern is asymmetrical yet produces a symmetrical model. Kamiya has written three books, the most famous of which, Works of Satoshi Kamiya, 1995-2003 includes diagrams of nineteen models of intermediate through complex difficulty. Kamiya's third book released in 2012 includes 16 models and is a follow-up to his debut. Most of these were previously published in convention books, magazines or taught in class. It also includes new, previously published diagrams for the famous feathered, long-tailed phoenix in Works of Satoshi Kamiya 2002-2009.


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