Satovcha Municipality

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Satovcha Municipality
Община Сатовча
Official logo of Satovcha Municipality
Location in Blagoevgrad provinceLocation on map of Bulgaria 
Location in Blagoevgrad province
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Blagoevgrad

Satovcha Municipality is a municipality in southwestern Bulgaria and is one of the municipalities in the Blagoevgrad Province.


It covers the Southwestern Rhodope Mountains. 14 settlemements belong to the municipality with a total of 18,997 inhabitants (21.07.05) and a territory of 334,245 km2. Administrative, industrial and cultural center of the municipality is the village of Satovcha.

Settlements in the municipality[edit]

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Coordinates: 41°37′N 23°58′E / 41.617°N 23.967°E / 41.617; 23.967