Satovcha Municipality

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Satovcha Municipality
Община Сатовча
Coat of arms of Satovcha Municipality
Coat of arms
Location in Blagoevgrad provinceLocation on map of Bulgaria
Location in Blagoevgrad province
Location on map of Bulgaria
Satovcha Municipality Bulgaria map.png
Country Bulgaria
Province (Oblast) Blagoevgrad

Satovcha Municipality is a municipality in southwestern Bulgaria and is one of the municipalities in the Blagoevgrad Province.


It covers the Southwestern Rhodope Mountains. 14 settlemements belong to the municipality with a total of 18,997 inhabitants (21.07.05) and a territory of 334,245 km2. Administrative, industrial and cultural center of the municipality is the village of Satovcha.


As of 2017 there are 14,353 inhabitants living in the municipality of Satovcha[1], down from 17,889 inhabitants in 1992. The municipality of Satovcha has a Muslim majority (over 85% of the total population). Nearly all of them are Bulgarian Muslims (on the contrary, most Muslims in Bulgaria are ethnic Turks).

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Coordinates: 41°37′N 23°58′E / 41.617°N 23.967°E / 41.617; 23.967

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