Satree Phuket School

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Satree Phuket School
Satree logo.png

MottoWisdom with Goodness and Good Health
(ความรู้ คู่ความดี มีสุขภาพ)
Established29 April 1909
FounderPhraya Ratsadanupradit
School boardPhuket Education Service Area Office
School number1004830102
DirectorPricha Nunoi
Teaching staff201[1]
Grades7–12 (mathayom 1–6)
Enrollment3,215 [2] (2012)
Classrooms75 (2012)
School colour(s)White and blue
SongMarch Satree

Satree Phuket School (Thai: โรงเรียนสตรีภูเก็ต) is a public school in Phuket, Thailand. Located in Satun Road (Plukpanya School), the school was moved to its present location in the Tamrong Road in 1949.

The school has 3,300 students in 6 grades and 200 teachers.


Satree Phuket School was established in 1909 by Phraya Rasadanupraditimahisornphakdee, the governor of Phuket at that time, to educate the young women of the community. Chaoda Wachirawut, the Crown Prince, attended the school's opening ceremony and named the school, Plukpanya School. The first building wason Satoon Road; it has been called Satree Phuket School ever since. The school educate students at the secondary level; male students also participate at the upper secondary levels and in special programs.

It operates in accordance with the philosophy of Sufficiency Economics and has as its central purpose educating students to become qualified for their roles in the community.

School Directors[edit]

No. Names Years
1 Kor Rerkthalang 1909-1912
2 Prapiksuso Surat (Tummanon) 1913-1916
3 Pinitthanakorn (Sub Yuktanan) 1917-1922
4 Lueankea Sunanthakosar 1922-1924
5 Nua (Niwat) Kattrika 1924-1925
6 Borihansikkakit (่Jinda Sinthawanon) 1925-1928
7 Phuket Na Nakorn 1929-1931
8 Nua (Niwat) Kattrika 1931-1932
9 Anong Sukontharot 1933-1937
10 Pradap Na Thalang (Nongrat Punyanitya) 1937-1944
11 Yenchit Na Takuatung 1944-1978
12 Sawang Panman 1978-1987
13 Supang Khiahwan 1987-1992
14 Surang Bunhok 1992-1997
15 Rani Wisutthanawit 1998-2002
16 Phongsri Rueangdit 2002-2004
17 Kiattisak Pilawart 2004-2011
18 Pricha Nunoi 2011–present


The curriculum consists of a nationwide and a local curriculum, with the former allocated 70% of the hours, and the latter 30%. The local curriculum is composed of community knowledge, local wisdom, and subjects related to the particular student body. The new central basic education curriculum began in 2009. The school has been selected to be a "lab" school to test the curriculum.



  • Science - Math
  • Arts - Math
  • Arts - French
  • Arts - German
  • Arts - Chinese
  • Arts - Japanese
  • English Program (2003)
  • Science and Math Program (2004)
  • International English Program (2010)
  • Super Science Program (2010)

Special programs

Satree Phuket School has initiated Special Programs to allow students who excel in certain subject areas to take advantage of programs geared to develop student skills in those areas. The school runs an English Program and a Science and Mathematic Program. The programs have proven to be so successful that Thailand's Basic Education Commission has selected the school to participate in a new project called "Education Hub" which will make Satree Phuket School an education center for the Southern region. This new project began in 2010; its purpose is to be provide an international curriculum for Westerners living in Thailand who wish to send their children to school in Phuket.

The Royal Awards for Schools[edit]

Satree Phuket School has received The Royal Awards for Schools at Elementary Level for 9 times since 1980. The award was given by H.M. The King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

No. Years
1 1980
2 1982
3 1983
4 1984
5 1993
6 1997
7 2001
8 2005
9 2009


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