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Satsang is an audience with a Satguru for religious instruction. Satsangs are group events, organised by various religious and spiritual organisations. Such activities are common practice in Hindu religion due to its importance in Spiritual growth of an aspirant.


The word Satsang is derived from Sanskrit where ‘Sat’ means “purity or truth” and ‘Sang’ meaning “in group or association”. The main purpose of conducting Satsang by any organisation is for marking an important event in its history.[1][2][3] Participating in any Satsang is considered pious in Hindu religion due to its benefits in Spiritual upliftment of an aspirant.[4] Satsangs are generally conducted by any religious or spiritual organisations in large groups.[5]


The following activities may take place in Satsang:[6][5][7]

  • Prayer.
  • Spiritual discourse.
  • Chanting of Mantras.
  • Meditation.
  • Tree planting.
  • Cleanliness programmes.
  • Spiritual stories.
  • Weddings.

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