Rajanaka: Mantra

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Rajanaka: Mantra
Studio album by Brad Roberts
Released 2011
Recorded VRTCL Entertainment, New York City
Genre New-age
Length 46:45
Label Deep Fried Records
Producer Terry Derkach
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Rajanaka: Mantra

Rajanaka: Mantra is an album by Brad Roberts, which consists of various mantras, accompanied to music. The album was released for purchase via online download.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Shiva Bija"
  2. "Om Namo Ganapataye"
  3. "By Any & All Means"
  4. "Between the Reeds"
  5. "The Wonderful Destroyer"
  6. "La Litra"
  7. "Invocation"
  8. "Twisted Trunk"

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