Sattler Airfield

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Sattler Airfield

Northern Territory, Australia

Sattler Airfield is located in Northern Territory
Sattler Airfield
Sattler Airfield
Sattler Airfield (Northern Territory)
Coordinates 12°36′36″S 131°03′06″E / 12.61000°S 131.05167°E / -12.61000; 131.05167Coordinates: 12°36′36″S 131°03′06″E / 12.61000°S 131.05167°E / -12.61000; 131.05167
Type Military airfield
Site history
In use 1942-1945

Sattler Airfield is an abandoned airfield that was constructed 32 km (20 mi) to the south of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia during World War II. On 2 April 1942, the then new Sattler RAAF airfield was bombed by the Japanese Imperial Forces. There was minimal damage. There were no Allied planes at the base as it was still under construction.

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