Satu Mare Chain Church

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Satu Mare Chain Church
Satu Mare Chains Church.JPG
General information
Town or city Satu Mare
Country Romania
Construction started 1793
Completed 1802
Design and construction
Architect Preinlich Sigismund

The Chains Church (Romanian: Biserica cu lanţuri; Hungarian: Láncos-templom), a Reformed church in Satu Mare, Romania, is one of the oldest churches in the city.

Located on Păcii Square, it was built based on the plans of Preinlich Sigismund, an engineer, between 1793 and 1802. The church has a valuable collection of plates, disks and glasses dating from 1657-1679, as well as the oldest bell in Satu Mare, dating to 1633. The church is surrounded by pillars connected by forged chains, hence the name The Chains Church.

The furniture inside the church was made between 1799-1807, from oak, by a master craftsman named Frits Iosif.

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