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Satudarah MC
Founded 1990[1]
Founding location Moordrecht, Netherlands[2]
Years active 1990-present
Territory Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Denmark. Sweden, Norway, Canada.
Ethnicity Maluku, Dutch and Surinamese[1]
Membership Around 2000 Worldwide[3]
Rivals ="cs"/>

Satudarah MC is a one-percenter motorcycle club and an alleged organized crime syndicate[4] that was founded in Moordrecht in the Netherlands in 1990.[5]

Satudarah MC has 44 chapters throughout the Netherlands[6] and recently opened up new chapters in Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway.[7][8][9][10][11]

Satudarah MC differs from most other outlaw motorcycle gangs in the fact that it welcomes all races into its club. The ethnic makeup of the club is primarily Ambonese, Dutch and Surinamese.[1] Satu darah in Indonesian and Malay language means "one blood".

Criminal activities[edit]

Members of Satudarah MC are frequently brought into connection with drug trafficking, murder, extortion and weapon trafficking.[12] Satudarah MC is being thought of as extremely violent and ruthless, more so than the Hells Angels in the Netherlands.[7]


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