Saturday Night Fever (musical)

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Saturday Night Fever
MusicBee Gees
LyricsBee Gees
BookNan Knighton
Arlene Phillips
Paul Nicholas
Robert Stigwood
BasisNik Cohn's 1975
New York Magazine article
"Tribal Rites of the
New Saturday Night"

and 1977 film Saturday Night Fever
Productions1998 West End
1999 Cologne
1999 Broadway
2000 UK Tour
2001 US Tour
2001 Buenos Aires
2001 Utrecht
2001 Italian Tour
2002 Scandinavian Tour
2002 US Tour
2003 UK Tour
2003 Seoul
2003 Mexico City
2003 US Tour
2003 Tokyo
2004 Australian/Asian Tour
2004 Las Vegas
2004 German Tour
2004 West End
2004 Seoul
2004 Finnish Tour
2004 Scandinavian Tour
2005 UK Tour
2005 Athens
2007 Asian Tour
2008 Johannesburg
2009 Madrid
2011 Royal Caribbean
2012 Dutch Tour
2012 Milan
2013 Frankfurt
2014 Prague
2014 UK Tour
2015 Asian Tour
2016 Melbourne
2016 Pretoria
2016 Milan
2017 Paris
2017 Copenhagen
2017 US Tour
2018 Gdynia
2018 UK Tour
2019 Sydney

Saturday Night Fever is a musical with a book by Nan Knighton (in collaboration with Arlene Phillips, Paul Nicholas, and Robert Stigwood) and music and lyrics by the Bee Gees.

Based on Nik Cohn's 1975 New York Magazine article "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night" and Norman Wexler's 1977 screenplay it inspired, it focuses on Tony Manero, a Brooklyn youth whose weekend is spent at the local discotheque. There he luxuriates in the admiration of the crowd and a growing relationship with Stephanie Mangano, and can temporarily forget the realities of his life, including a dead-end job in a paint store and his gang of deadbeat friends. In an effort to make it a family-friendly show, many of the film's darker elements, including references to racial conflict, drug use, and violence, were eliminated from the plot.


Original London production (1998)[edit]

Directed and choreographed by Phillips, the £4 million stage adaptation premiered in the West End on 5 May 1998 at the London Palladium, and closed on 26 February 2000.[1] The original cast included Adam Garcia as Tony and Anita Louise Combe as Stephanie. Laurence Olivier Award nominations went to Garcia for Best Actor in a Musical, Phillips for Best Theatre Choreographer, and the production for Best New Musical [1]. A cast album was released by Polydor Records.

Original West End cast

(21 April 1998-17 April 1999)

  • Adam Garcia: Tony
  • Anita Louise Combe: Stephanie
  • Tara Wilkinson: Annette
  • Simon Grieff: Bobby C
  • Richard Calkin: Monty
  • Adrian Sarple: Joey
  • Sebastian Torkia: Double J
  • Michael Rouse: Gus
  • Jonathon Avery: Frank Senior
  • Susan Fay: Flo/Lucille
  • John Stacey: Frank Junior
  • Benji Adeyemo: Chester
  • Samantha Modeste: Shirley
  • Daryn Crosbie: Cesar
  • Lara Costa: Maria
  • Brenda-Jane Newhouse: Connie
  • Alexia Leontiou: Doreen
  • David Peyton-Bruhl: Fusco
  • Peter Bishop: Jay/Becker
  • Clare Gladwin: Zoe/Lynda/Brenda
  • Jill Louise Hydes: Grandma
  • Laetitia Ray "Mercedes"
  • Perry Ray "Disco Dancer"

Original Broadway production (2000)[edit]

After twenty-seven previews, the Broadway production, with Phillips directing, opened on 21 October 1999 at the Minskoff Theatre, where it ran for 501 performances. The cast included James Carpinello as Tony and Paige Price as Stephanie, with Orfeh as Annette, Paul Castree as Bobby C., and Bryan Batt as DJ Monty.

Original Broadway cast

(21 October 1999 to 31 December 2000)

  • James Carpinello: Tony (Sean Palmer from October 2000)
  • Paige Price: Stephanie
  • Orfeh: Annette
  • Paul Castree: Bobby C
  • Bryan Batt: Monty
  • Sean Palmer: Joey (Andy Karl from October 2000)
  • Andy Blankenbhuler: Double J
  • Richard Blake: Gus
  • Suzanne Costello: Flo/Lucille
  • Casey Nicolaw: Frank Senior
  • Jerry Tellier: Frank Junior
  • Frank Mastrone: Fusco
  • Aliene Baqueret: Linda/Patti
  • Andre Ward: Chester
  • Karine Plantadit-Bageot: Shirley
  • Michael Balderrama: Cesar
  • Natalie Willes: Maria
  • Jeanie Meyers: Connie
  • Angela Puppello: Doreen (Rebecca Kupka from May 5, 2000)
  • Frank Mastrone: Fusco/Al
  • David Coburn: Jay/Becker
  • Miles Alden: Dom
  • Shannon Beach: Donna
  • Anne Nicole Biancfore: Natalie/Swing
  • Daniel Jerod Brown: Sal
  • Kristopher Cusick: Kenny/Swing
  • Karl DuHoffman: Nick/Swing
  • Deanna Dys: Rosalie
  • Drisco Fernandez: Antonio
  • Chris Ghelfi: Vinnie
  • Roger Lee Israel: Rocker/Swing
  • Danielle Jolie: Inez
  • Brian J. Marcum: Dino (Matt Wall from 5.7.00)
  • Stacey Martin: Lorelle
  • Jennifer Newman: Lola
  • Ottavio: Roberto
  • Gina Philistine: Angela/Swing
  • David Robertson: Ike
  • Rebecca Sherman: Gina
  • Rick Spaans: Lou
  • Marcia Urani: Ann Marie/Swing
  • Paula Wise: Sophia
  • Farah Alvin: Vocal Ensemble
  • Donna Vivino: Vocal Ensemble
  • Scott Beck: Vocal Ensemble
  • Julie Dano: Vocal Ensemble
  • Soloman: Vocal Ensemble
  • Alan Souza: Vocal Ensemble
  • David Eggrrs: Swing
  • Amanda Plesa: Swing

First UK Tour production (2000)[edit]

The first UK tour production ran from 11 November 2000 to 29 September 2001, with Ben Richards as Tony Manero.

Original Argentinian production (2001)[edit]

An argentinian production opened at El Nacional, Buenos Aires, on 4 April 2001 and closed on 28 July 2001. The cast included Darío Petruzio as Tony Manero, Silvia Luchetti as Stephanie, Elena Roger as Annette, Héctor Pilatti as Monty and Charlie G. as Bobby C.

Original Dutch production (2001)[edit]

Producer Joop van den Ende's Stage Entertainment company opened a Dutch production at the newly purchased Beatrix Theater, Utrecht, on 17 June 2001. It closed on 23 February 2003. The cast included Joost de Jong as Tony Manero, Chantal Janzen as Stephanie, and various TV personalities as DJ Monty, one of them was Carlo Boszhard.

Original Mexican production (2003)[edit]

From 27 March 2003 to 28 September 2003 the show ran at Teatro Pedregal, Mexico City with Mauricio Martínez as Tony Manero, Lisset as Stephanie, Gisela Sehedi as Annette, Jaime Rojas as Monty and Eduardo Partida as Bobby C.

Second UK Tour production (2003)[edit]

In 2003 a second tour production was started across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The tour ran from 1 March 2003 to 19 June 2004. The tour was a different version to the previous productions including some major revival changes. In the place of "More than a Woman (1)" the song "Words" was put into the show. This song was performed by Tony and Stephanie.

Second UK Tour cast

(1 March 2003 to 19 June 2004

  • Stephane Anelli: Tony
  • Darren Carnall: Tony (from 5/4/04)
  • Victoria Hamilton-Barritt: Stephanie
  • Jane Horn: Annette
  • Darren Carnall: Bobby C - Cover Tony '(Alex Jessop replaced Darren Carnall 5/4/04)'
  • George Coutsoudis (a.k.a. Clayton): Monty(Steven Serlin replaced George Coutsoudis 5/4/04)
  • Gavin Alex: Joey - Cover Monty
  • Zak Nemorin: Double J - Cover Tony
  • Teddy French: Gus
  • Ellie Brogan: Flo/Lucille
  • Ben Wheeler: Frank Junior - Cover Tony/Monty/Frank/Fusco
  • Mark Faith: Fusco/Jay
  • Kimmi Richards: Linda/Patti - Cover Doreen
  • Emile Armstrong: Chester
  • Tamara McKoy-Patterson: Shirley
  • Tom Goodall: Cesar - Cover Joey
  • Lucy Banfield: Maria
  • Charlie Bull: Connie - Cover Stephanie
  • Anna Woodside: Doreen - Cover Annette
  • Cary Chennell: Lou/Swing - Cover Bobby C/Cover Sal
  • Amy Jenkins: Donna - Cover Connie/Linda
  • Debbie Joanne: Gina - Cover Stephanie/Annette/Flo/Lucille
  • David Lyons: Dino - Cover Joey/Double J
  • Lynsey Platts: Sophia - Cover Doreen
  • Helen Siveter: Rosalie - Cover Shirley/Connie
  • Paul Spicer: Sal - Cover Gus/Frank/Fusco/Frank Jnr/Jay/Becker
  • Ijy de Luca: Swing - Cover Flo/Lucille/Maria/Rosalie/Gina
  • Jamie Hughes-Ward: Swing - Cover Joey/Double J/Gus/Frank Jnr/Jay/Becker
  • Matthew Clark: Swing - Cover Bobby C
  • Sarah Cortez: Swing - Cover Maria/Shirley/Sophia/Donna
  • Craig Haines: Swing - Cover Franks Junior/ Gus/Jay /Chester/ Cesar

London Revival production (2004)[edit]

A London revival ran from 6 July 2004 to 16 February 2006 at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, prior to a lengthy UK tour. [2]. The cast included newcomer Stephane Anelli as Tony and Zoe Ebsworth as Stephanie, with Kym Marsh from the pop group Hear'Say as Annette and Shaun Williamson of the television series EastEnders as DJ Monty.

  • Stephane Anelli: Tony
  • Zoe Ebsworth: Stephanie
  • Kym Marsh: Annette(Rebecca Dent from Monday 24 January 2005).
  • Alex Jessop: Bobby C - Cover Tony
  • Shaun Williamson: Monty (Steven Serlin from Monday 27 September 2004).
  • Jamie Hughes Ward: Joey - Cover Tony
  • Aykut Hilmi: Double J - Cover Tony/Monty
  • Peter Hillier: Gus
  • Joyce Springer: Flo/Lucille
  • Russell Walker: Frank Junior/Jay/Becker - Cover Monty
  • Mark Faith: Fusco/Frank Manero
  • Kimmi Richards: Linda/Patti - Cover Doreen
  • Paul Isaiah Isles: Chester
  • Kella Panay: Shirley
  • Tom Goodall: Cesar - Cover Joey/Gus
  • Lucy Banfield: Maria
  • Charlie Bull: Connie - Cover Stephanie
  • Anna Woodside: Doreen - Cover Annette
  • Ivan De Freitas: Sal - Cover Gus/Frank Jnr/Jay/Becker
  • Rebecca Giacopazzi: Sophia/Doris - Cover Linda
  • Lydia Grace Hill: Donna - Cover Connie
  • Debbie Joanne: Gina - Cover Stephanie/Annette/Flo/Lucille
  • Richard Jones: Dino - Cover Joey/Double J
  • Gerard McCarthy: Lou - Cover Bobby C/Double J
  • Jeanette Taylor: Rosalie - Cover Shirley/Connie
  • Ijy De Luca: Swing - Cover Flo/Lucille/Maria/Rosalie
  • Cary Chennel: Swing - Cover Bobby C/Sal
  • Sarah Cortez: Swing - Cover Maria/Shirley/Sophia/Doris/Doreen
  • Angela Gee: Swing - Cover Donna/Gina/Patti
  • Elliot Nixon: Swing - Cover Lou/Cesar/Chester
  • Oliver Tydman: Swing - Cover Dino/Cesar/Chester

Third UK Tour production (2005)[edit]

The Third UK tour began on 12 September 2005, while the show was also playing on the West End. The tour ran until 5 August 2006. The tour became a bigger success than the previous tour and yet again the changes made to both scenic and musical aspects of the show caused raving reviews.

2005/2006 UK Tour cast

(September 2005 to August 2006)

  • Sean Mulligan: Tony
  • Jayde Westaby: Stephanie
  • Rebecca Dent: Annette
  • Stephen Webb: Bobby C - Cover Tony
  • Shaun Williamson / Steven Serlin: Monty
  • Jamie Hughes Ward: Joey - Cover Tony
  • Andrew Prosser: Double J - Cover Bobby C
  • Kevin Brewis: Gus - Cover Tony
  • Karen Lynne: Flo/Lucille
  • Matthew Cutts: Frank Junior/Jay - Cover Monty
  • Enzo Squillino: Frank/Fusco
  • Leanne Pinder: Linda/Patti
  • William Peaco Jnr: Chester
  • Marsha George: Shirley
  • Joseph McMurray: Cesar
  • Rebecca Sutherland: Maria - Cover Linda
  • Caroline Graham: Connie - Cover Stephanie
  • Sam Berrisford: Doreen - Cover Annette/Flo (From May - June 2006 Emma Stephens covered the role of Doreen due to Sam's injury)
  • Emma Stephens: Sophia - Cover Doreen/Stephanie (From May - June 2006 Allison Heffron covered the role of Sophia)
  • Catherine Greeney: Donna - Cover Connie/Flo/Annette
  • Kris Manuel: Lou - Cover Joey/Bobby C/Gus
  • Phillip Marriott: Sal - Cover Double J/Frank/Cesar
  • Leighton Morrison: Dino - Cover Gus/Double J
  • Elliot Nixon: Swing - Cover Chester/Lou/Dino/Cesar
  • Emily Mascarenhas: Swing - Cover Maria/Donna/Shirley/Doreen
  • Alison Heffron: Swing - Cover Sophia/Patti/Shirley/Connie/Maria
  • Jonathan Renny-Miller: Swing - Cover Cesar/Sal/Joey/Chester
  • John Stacey: Acting Swing - Cover Frank/Frank Jnr/Monty
2005/2006 UK Tour orchestra

(September 2005 to August 2006)

  • Musical Director: Peter Hagen
  • Assistant Musical Ditrector/Keys 1: David Skelton
  • Keys 2: Phil Waddington, James Drasey
  • Guitar: Lewis Osbourne, Andrew Waterson, Paul Brown
  • Bass: Jon Cooper, James Eager
  • Drums: Chris Taggart, Andy Bibb
  • Trumpet: Malcolm Melling
  • Trombone: Jim Vincent
  • Sax/Flute: Matt Leaver, Martin Williams

Original Asian tour (2007)[edit]

In January 2007 the show opened at the National Theatre of Korea, Seoul, South Korea where it stayed for 10 weeks before embarking on a short tour of Asia, playing in Daegu Opera House, Daegu, South Korea and the Taipei International Convention Centre, Taipei, Taiwan. The cast included much of the 2005/2006 UK Tour including Sean Mulligan as Tony, Jayde Westaby as Stephanie and Rebecca Dent as Annette. George Coutsoudis, who played Monty in the 2003 UK Tour, revisited his part for the Asian tour. The tour finished on 27 March 2007.

Original Asian tour orchestra (2007)
  • Musical Director: Peter Hagen
  • Assistant Musical Ditrector/Keys 1: Julian Reeve
  • Keys 2: Steve Geere
  • Guitar: Tim Rose
  • Bass: Jon Cooper
  • Drums: James Gambold
  • Trumpet: Kevin Wedrychowski
  • Trombone: Simon Walker
  • Sax/Flute: Gemma Moore

Original Spanish production (2009)[edit]

A Spanish production opened at Teatro Coliseum, Madrid on 19 February 2009 and closed on 30 August 2009. Produced by Stage Entertainment, the cast included Juan Pablo Di Pace as Tony Manero, Beatriz Ros as Stephanie, Isabel Malavia as Annette, Zenón Recalde as Monty and Guillermo Sabariegos as Bobby C. On 6 December 2009 the Spanish production started a national tour and ran until 30 May 2010. Although a complete Original Madrid Cast Recording was never released, five songs were recorded in Spanish for promotional purposes: Stayin' Alive, Disco Inferno, Night Fever, Inmortality and How Deep Is Your Love.[2]

Original Madrid cast
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace: Tony Manero
  • Sergio Arce: Tony Manero (alternate)
  • Beatriz Ros: Stephanie
  • Isabel Malavia: Annette
  • Zenón Recalde: Monty
  • Guillermo Sabariegos: Bobby C
  • Alberto Vázquez: Frank / Fusco
  • Palmira Ferrer: Flo / Lucille
  • Nacho Bergareche: Frank Jr. / Jay
  • Jesús Llorente "El Maño": Joey
  • Isaac Gracia: Double J
  • Adán Aguilar: Gus
  • Silvia Álvarez: Donna
  • Carlos Bonno: Sal
  • Vanessa Bravo: María
  • Laura Enrech: Doreen
  • Víctor González: Lou
  • Belinda Henríquez: Sophia
  • María Hinojosa: Gina
  • Pedro Martell: Dino
  • Joana Quesada: Lynda / Patti
  • Arneys Rubio: Chester
  • Ela Ruiz: Shirley
  • Skizzo: Joey
  • Marta Torres: Connie
  • José Manuel Villalba: César
  • Teresa Cora: Swing
  • Marta Velasco: Swing
  • Aless Garpe: Swing
  • Fanny Corral: Swing
  • Alberto Sánchez: Swing
  • Christian Sánchez: Swing
  • Lourdes Cebres: Ensemble
  • Patricia Clark: Flo / Lucille
  • Natalia Delgado: Swing
  • Elie Guerra: Shirley
  • Juanjo Hinojosa: Sal
  • Belinda Márquez: Sophia

Revival Dutch production (2012)[edit]

Casting for the Dutch revival production is set to start in February 2012. Different from the original Dutch production, the 2012 revival will be touring The Netherlands.

Dutch revival cast: Tony: Joey Ferre (understudy's: Roman van der Werff & Daniel Vissers) Stephanie: Noortje Herlaar / Michelle Splietelhof (understudy's: Saar Bressers & Rowen Aida Ben Rabaa) Anette: Laurie Reijs (understudy's: Kelsy Blikslager & Melinda de Vries) Dj Monty: Rogier Komproe (understudy's: Marcel Rocha & Mitch Wolterink) Frank Jr.: Roman van der Werff (Frank Lunenburg & Rick McDonald) Flo Manero: Judy Doorman (understudy's: Melinda de Vries & Laurie van Iersel) Frank Manero: Tim Meeuws (understudy: Christo van Klaveren) Bobby C.: Karel Simons (understudy's: Mitch Wolterink & Pieter de Groot) Double J.: Lars van Sermond (understudy: Marel Rocha) Joey: Allesandro Pierotti (understudy: Rick McDonald) Gus: Daniel Vissers (understudy: André Haasnoot) Chester: Giovanni Eduard Menig

Debuts on the Seas (2011)[edit]

In April 2011 it debuted on Royal Caribbean's cruise ship Liberty of the Seas. Produced by Royal Caribbean Productions in association with Robert Stigwood. It plays twice a week. Choreographers include Spencer Liff, Diego Orengo, and Doriana Sanchez. Music direction by Phil Edwards. Directed By Loren Van Brenk.

Royal Caribbean original cast
  • Tony Manero: Lucas Rush (UK)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Kelly DiConzo (USA)
  • Double J: Matthew Baker (UK) (U/s Tony performed) (U/s Monty) (U/s Frank Sr.)
  • Gus: Joe Nolin (USA) (U/s Bobby C)
  • Bobby C.: Billy Piscopo (USA)
  • Annette: Heidi Rowland (UK)
  • Frank, Sr/Monty.: Mark DiConzo (USA)
  • Flo: Terry Palasz (USA)
  • Doreen: Dorothy Mindur (USA) (U/s Annette)
  • Linda: Kirsty Hooper (UK)
  • Frank Jr/Fosco: Bryan Manly Davis (USA)
  • Cesar: Martin Van Bentem (Netherlands)
  • Maria: Marielle Constancia
  • Bartender: Joey Ortolani (USA) (U/s Double J performed) (U/s Frank Jr/Fosco)
  • Dance Captain: Kim Knutson (USA)(U/s stephanie mangano) (U/s Flo Manero)
  • Ensemble: Kirsty Hooper (Linda Manero), Deanna Doyle (Linda Manero U/S), Dorothy Mindur (Doreen, Annette U/S), Luciana Francheli AKA La Turka, Lindsey Culbert (Veronica), Kim Knutson (Flo Manero U/s, Doreen U/s, Stephanie Mangano U/s), Javier Amaya, Fabio Angelo, Martin Pico, Michael O'Mullane, Joey Ortolani (Double J U/S, Frank Jr. U/S), and Paolo Cervellera (Gus U/S)
Liberty of the Seas cast (2016)
  • Tony Manero: Calvin Hudson (U.K.)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Angela Sephton (U.K.)
  • Annette: Charlotte Coe (U.K)
  • Monty/Frank Sr.: Mark Pettit (U.S.A)
  • Bobby C: Oli Reynolds (U.K.)
  • Gus: Jarred Page (U.K.) (u/s Bobby C)
  • Frank Jr.: Kenneth D'Elia (USA) (u/s Monty/Frank Sr.)
  • Double J: Harry Cooper-Millar (U.K.) (u/s Tony)
  • Flo: Lainie Munro (U.S.A.)
  • Doreen: Marie Choate (USA) (u/s Flo/Linda)
  • Linda Manero: Lizzie Ruggier (U.K.) (u/s Doreen)
  • Cesar: Nicholas Dawson (South Africa) (Fight Captain)
  • Maria: Cherese Dawson (South Africa)
  • Ensemble: Vincent Smith (USA) (u/s Gus), Olivia Willis (U.K.) (u/s Stephanie Mongano), Leah Chillcut (U.S.A) (u/s Linda), Stephanie Blumer (AUS) (u/s Annette), Michael Eaton (USA), Karlos Velasco (AUS) (u/s Double J/Dance Captain), Chris Fox (U.S.A.) (u/s Frank Jr.), Marina Stacey (U.S.A.), Ben Radford (U.K.).
Liberty of the Seas cast (2017)
  • Tony Manero: Danny Bayne (U.K.)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Naomi Slights (U.K.)
  • Annette: Anna Haresnape (U.K)
  • Monty/Frank Sr.: Jamie Newnham (U.K.)
  • Bobby C: Tyler Fromson (USA)
  • Frank Jr.: Kyle Szen (USA) (u/s Monty/Frank Sr.)
  • Double J: Nicholas Cocchetto (USA) (u/s Tony, u/s Frank Jr.)
  • Gus: Shane Gibb (U.K.) (u/s Bobby C, u/s Double J)
  • Flo: Sarah Waddell (Scotland)
  • Doreen: Jennifer Frosch (USA) (u/s Stephanie)
  • Linda: Sophie Shanks (AUS) (u/s Annette)
  • Cesar: Dmytro Dima (Ukraine)
  • Maria: Marina Gridina (Ukraine)
  • Ensemble: Christine Ortiz (USA), Grace Williams (U.K.), Andi Horne (U.K.), Ivan Sinayko (RUS), Michael Hall (USA), Ricardo Almeida (BRA), Fabio Angelo (ARG), Jacob Fontes (USA)

English Theatre Frankfurt Production (2013-2014)[edit]

A new version of the show has been created for The English Theatre Frankfurt, directed by Ryan McBryde, choreographed by Darragh O'Leary, with new musical arrangements and musical supervision by Paul Herbert. Rebecca Reaney is the Resident Director, and James Doughty is the show's Resident Musical Director. In a radical departure from previous productions, the revised Saturday Night Fever utilises dialogue and songs from the original movie, with the musical cues played by actors in the company. Songs such as Disco Duck have been excised from the show, and new arrangements of songs like Open Sesame and Salsation have been created. The cast is smaller and more streamlined, with the set consisting of three moving lighted cubes, which also exist as the 2001 Odyssey's famous floor. The production opened on 2 November 2013 and has been extended until 27 April 2014. There are rumours of a UK transfer of the production.[3]

English Theatre Frankfurt Cast

  • Tony Manero: Chris Cowley (Guitar)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Naomi Slights
  • Double J: Alex Simmons (Guitar, u/s Tony)
  • Bobby C.: Paul Syrstad (Keyboards, Percussion)
  • Joey: Geraint Rhys-Edwards (Trumpet)
  • Annette: Devon-Elise Johnson (u/s Stephanie)
  • Club Singer/Connie: Sally Peerless (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone, u/s Maria)
  • Frank, Sr./Jay: Jon House (Acoustic/Electric Guitar, u/s Fosco)
  • Frank, Jr.: Matthew Quinn (Bass, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Flo/Shirley: Rhona McGregor (Alto Saxophone, Bass, Keyboards, u/s Club Singer/Connie)
  • Doreen/Linda: Bracken Burns (Trumpet, Keyboards, u/s Annette)
  • Monty/Fosco: James Doughty (Musical Director, Keyboards, u/s Frank Sr, Jay)
  • Chester/Becker/Club singer: Marcquelle Ward
  • Cesar: Momar Diagne
  • Maria: Georgia Reid-Hamilton
  • Male Swing/Ensemble: Darren John (Alto Saxophone, u/s Bobby/Joey/Double J/Frank Jr)
  • Dance Captain: Rebecca Reaney (Resident Director, Female Swing)
  • Drums: Dominic Cardell

In February 2013 Paul Syrstad and Marcquelle Ward left the company, with Darren John now playing Bobby C full-time and Dean Ryan replacing him as U/S Bobby C, and Aston New as Chester/Becker. In March, Devon-Elise Johnson departed the cast, with Tanya Shields replacing her as Annette. There is also a new female swing, Georgie Burdett, and Darren John also took over as Resident Director.

  • Tony Manero: Chris Cowley (Guitar)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Naomi Slights
  • Double J: Alex Simmons (Guitar, u/s Tony)
  • Bobby C.: Darren John (Resident Director, Alto Sax, Keyboards, Percussion, u/s Joey/Double J/Frank Jr.)
  • Joey: Geraint Rhys-Edwards (Trumpet)
  • Annette: Tanya Shields (u/s Stephanie)
  • Club Singer/Connie: Sally Peerless (Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxophone, u/s Maria)
  • Frank, Sr./Jay: Jon House (Acoustic/Electric Guitar, u/s Fosco)
  • Frank, Jr.: Matthew Quinn (Bass, Acoustic Guitar)
  • Flo/Shirley: Rhona McGregor (Alto Saxophone, Bass, Keyboards, u/s Club Singer/Connie)
  • Doreen/Linda: Bracken Burns (Trumpet, Keyboards, u/s Annette)
  • Monty/Fosco: James Doughty (Musical Director, Keyboards, u/s Frank Sr, Jay)
  • Chester/Becker: Aston New
  • Cesar: Momar Diagne
  • Maria: Georgia Reid-Hamilton
  • Male Swing/Ensemble: Dean Ryan (Alto Sax, Keyboards, Percussion, u/s Bobby C.)
  • Female Swing: Georgie Burdett
  • Drums: Dominic Cardell

UK Tour Production (2014/15)[edit]

In November 2014 the UK tour opened at Theatre Royal, Bath. The UK Tour was directed by Ryan McBryde with Musical Supervision, arrangements and orchestrations by Paul Herbert. Andrew Wright joined the team to choreograph, and Mike Turnbull joined as Resident Musical Director. The production starred Danny Bayne (Grease is the Word winner) as Tony, as well as featuring a few of the English Theatre Frankfurt Cast - Naomi Slights, Rhona McGregor, Matthew Quinn, Bracken Burns, Aston New & Sally Peerless.

2014/15 UK Tour Cast

  • Tony Manero: Danny Bayne (Understudy - Rory Phelan)
  • Stephanie Mangano: Naomi Slights (Understudy - Bethany Linsdell)
  • Annette: Bethany Linsdell (Understudy - Ellie Ann Lowe)
  • Bobby C: Alex Lodge (Trumpet/Piano/Percussion) (Understudy - Joe Vetch)
  • Joey: Rory Phelan (Trumpet) (Understudy - Joe Vetch)
  • Double J: Llandyll Gove (Guitar) (Understudy - Joe Vetch)
  • Club Singer: CiCi Howells (Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone/Guitar/Trumpet) (Understudy - Sally Peerless)
  • Flo: Rhona McGregor (Alto Saxophone/Bass Guitar/Piano) (Understudy - Sally Peerless)
  • Frank Snr/Jay: Mike Lloyd (Trombone/Trumpet/Guitar) (Understudy - Andrew Gallo)
  • Frank Jnr: Matthew Quinn (Bass Guitar/Acoustic Guitar) (Understudy - Andrew Gallo)
  • Linda/Doreen: Bracken Burns (Trumpet/Piano) (Understudy - Ellie Ann Lowe)
  • Monty: Mike Turnbull (Musical Director/Piano) (Understudy - Andrew Gallo)
  • Cesar: Michael Stewart (Understudy - Aston New)
  • Maria: Lauren McCabe/Alishia-Marie Blake (Understudy - Sally Peerless)
  • Chester: Aston New (Understudy - Michael Stewart)
  • Connie: Ellie Ann Lowe (Alto Saxophone) (Understudy - Sally Peerless)
  • Busker: Sally Peerless (Tenor Saxophone/Alto Saxophone)
  • Fosco: Andrew Gallo (Guitar)
  • Ensemble: Joe Vetch (Alto Saxophone/Tenor Saxophone/Guitar/Bass Guitar)

Redcliffe Musical Theatre Production (2015)[edit]

The World Community Theatre Premiere is set to take place in Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia from March 2015. Redcliffe Musical Theatre, alongside Our Village will present this production, with direction by company president Madeleine Johns. The production team includes Trent Sellars as Assistant Director, Sherree Drummond as Music Director and Jason Robert as Choreographer.[4] The selection of this theatre group is not without strategy; Redcliffe is said to be the platform from which the Bee Gees paved their way to fame.[5]

Redcliffe Musical Theatre Cast

  • Tony Manero: Adam Goodall
  • Stephanie Mangano: Michelle 'Rebel' Murenec
  • Stephanie Mangano Understudy: Camilla Niebling
  • Annette: Rebel Lyons
  • Bobby C: Simon Chamberlain
  • Bobby C Understudy: Alex Kuchmenko
  • Double J: Stuart Boardman
  • Joey: Tony Ahchay
  • Joey Understudy: Jarrad Langtree
  • Club Singers: Morgan Eldridge, Shonagh Hale, James Reid
  • Frank, Sr.: Terry Skinner
  • Frank, Jr.: Stephan Snape
  • Flo: Patricia Dearness
  • Linda: Shae Glowacki/Georgia Gleeson
  • Doreen: Lily Ruve
  • Fosco: Doug Harper
  • Jay: Jackson Kelleway
  • Featured Dancers: Brodie Jones, Rana Sabben, William Motunuu
  • Dance Ensemble: Ashleigh Kate, Crystal Boardman, Jessica Shearer, John Chant, Justin Welfare, Nikki Glowacki, Rebekkah Law, Taylah Hopkins, Thomas Antonio, Lucy Turner, Nathan Hollingworth
  • Ensemble: Ashley Prosser, Kaley Jones
  • Pit Singers: Deborah Lane, Kerri Weaver, Richard Rubendra, Samantha Paterson

South African revival (2016)[edit]

The South African State Theatre and Bernard Jay produced a revival of the show at the South African State Theatre in Pretoria, which ran from 16 September - 9 October 2016. Directed by Greg Homann, with musical direction by Rowan Bakker and choreography by Weslee Swain Lauder, the production starred Daniel Buys (Tony Manero), Natasha Van Der Merwe (Stephanie Mangano), Matthew Berry (Bobby C), L J Neilson (Annette), Bongi Mthombeni (Monty) Keaton Ditchfield (Gus), Steven van Wyk (Double J), Craig Urbani (Frank Manero/Pete), Charmaine Weir-Smith (Flo Manero/Doreen), Cameron Botha (Frank Manero Junior), Joanna Abatzoglou (Linda Manero), Nurit Graff (Maria Huerto/Grandma Manero), Nathan Kruger (Cesar Rodriguez), Mark Richardson (Mr Fusco), Brandon Lindsay (Joey), Phumi Mncayi (Jay Langheart), Clint Lesch (Salesman), Zane Gillion (Gabriel), Phillip Schnetler (Chester), Kiruna-Lind Devar (Pauline), Sebe Leotlela (Candy), Toni Jean Erasmus (Connie) and Raquel Munn (Shirley). Swings included Devon Flemmer, Vanessa Brierley and Londiwe Dhlomo. [6]

Revised North American tour production (2017)[edit]

NorthCore Productions and 2 Luck Concepts LLC launched a new 32-city tour of the U.S. and Canada on 7 January 2017, featuring a revised book by Sean Cercone and David Abbinanti and new songs by David Abbinanti.[7]

This revival is directed by Marcia Kash, with choreography by Marc Kimelman and music direction by Steve Thomas.[8]

2017 North American Tour Cast
  • Matt Alfano: Tony
  • Tessa Alves: Stephanie
  • Heather McGuigan: Annette
  • AJ Simmons: Bobby C
  • Sarah Higgins: Pauline
  • Michael De Rose: Monty/ Fusco
  • Katie Beetham: Candy
  • Jak Barradell: Joey
  • Galen Johnson: Double J
  • Justin Stadnyk: Gus
  • David Rosser: Frank Senior
  • Deb Collins: Flo
  • Aaron Ferguson: Frank Junior
  • Kyla Mussleman: Linda
  • Christy Adamson: Ensemble/ Dance Captain
  • Kristin Dobby: Ensemble
  • Nicko Giannakos: Ensemble
  • Ryan Gifford: Ensemble
  • Adam Sergison: Ensemble
  • Jennifer Thiessen: Ensemble

UK Tour Production (2018)[edit]

On 9 March 2018, Producer Bill Kenwright announced a new production of the musical, with an opening on 30 August 2018 at the New Wimbledon Theatre in London, and a national tour to follow.[9]

Sydney (2019)[edit]

The Gordon Frost Organisation announced that they would produce a revival of the musical that would play exclusively at Sydney's Lyric Theatre from March 2019. Casting is yet to be announced.[10][11]


Character Description
Tony Manero A 19-year-old ladies' man living in the 1970s. His passion is dancing on a Saturday night down at the local dance club. He finds himself caught up in a love triangle. His ex-girlfriend Annette is madly in love with him, but he has eyes for a new girl Stephanie Mangano. Stephanie likes Tony back, and after an incident following the dance contest, she goes off him.
Stephanie Mangano A 20-year-old office worker from Manhattan. Stephanie classes herself as a refined citizen and convinces Tony she is a snotty bitch, however she is the complete opposite. Stephanie meets Tony at the dance club and after agreeing to be his dance partner in the dance contest, falls in love with him. After he tries to rape her, she runs away crying. She feels sorry for Tony after his best friend dies and goes to talk to him.
Annette A sex-crazed girl. Annette is obsessed with Tony and even though she loves him, only wants to use him for one thing.
Bobby C A troubled youth. Bobby's life gets turned upside down when he gets his girlfriend Pauline pregnant. He ends up having a breakdown after his friends ignore his call for help. He dies after falling off the Manhattan bridge.
Monty DJ at the Odysey 2001 Dance Studio.
Gus A friend of Tony Manero's. After getting beaten up by a gang, he tells his friends it was their rival group, but they later discover he had made it up.
Double J A friend of Tony Manero's
Frank Manero Unemployed Father of Tony
Flo Manero Tony's very religious mother
Frank Manero, Jr. Tony's priest brother. After leaving the church and returning home, Tony takes him clubbing, their mother Flo flips on both of them.
Linda Manero Tony's little sister.
Maria A Spanish dancer at the Odyssey 2001
Cesar A Spanish dancer at the Odyssey 2001
Doreen A shy geeky teenager at the Odyssey 2001. She has an obsession with Tony and is fixated by watching him dance.
Mr Fusco Tony's boss at the paint store.


The show had changed by 2004, with the following musical numbers
The song list was revised again for the Revival tour in 2006 

English Theatre Frankfurt Version (Also 2014 UK Tour version)[edit]

2017 North American Tour Version[edit]


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