Saturday Night Live (season 26)

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Saturday Night Live (season 26)
The title card for the twenty-sixth season of Saturday Night Live.
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 20
Original channel NBC
Original release October 7, 2000 (2000-10-07) – May 19, 2001 (2001-05-19)
Season chronology
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List of Saturday Night Live episodes

The twenty-sixth season of Saturday Night Live, an American sketch comedy series, originally aired in the United States on NBC between October 7, 2000, and May 19, 2001.

This season featured satire of the 2000 U.S presidential election, including the Republican and Democratic primaries, the campaigns of Vice President Gore, Texas Governor George W. Bush, and Ralph Nader, the Florida election recount, and the Bush v. Gore case that came before the U.S. Supreme Court. The season also featured two prime-time February 2001 specials that parodied the CBS reality show Survivor.[citation needed]


Changes and notes[edit]

Before the start of the season, Cheri Oteri, Colin Quinn, and Tim Meadows left the show. With the three of them gone, the show added two new cast members. SNL head writer Tina Fey and Second City comedian Jerry Minor joined the cast as featured players at the start of the season. Fey had been a writer on the show since 1997 and began as the show's head writer in 1999. Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph remained featured players.

This would be Molly Shannon's final season on the show, leaving mid-season. Minor was let go after the season ended.

Chris Parnell was fired at the end of this season, but then rehired midway through the next season. Executive producer Lorne Michaels would later admit he made a mistake in firing Parnell from the cast and wanted him back.[1]

With Colin Quinn's seat on "Weekend Update" empty, executive producer Lorne Michaels decided to have two anchors just as the segment had used in the 1970s. Jimmy Fallon and head writer Tina Fey were picked to anchor the segment together. Because of Fey's head writer status, she would appear rarely out of "Weekend Update".

Cast roster[edit]

bold denotes "Weekend Update" anchor



Saturday Night Live season 26 episodes
No. # Host(s) Musical guest(s) Original airdate
486 1 Rob Lowe Eminem October 7, 2000

2000 Presidential candidate Ralph Nader made a cameo appearance during the monologue.

The George W. Bush/Al Gore presidential debate sketch in this episode is credited with coining the word "strategery".

Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey became the new anchors of Weekend Update; Tim Meadows appeared during the segment to promote The Ladies Man, a film produced by SNL Studios.

Tina Fey and Jerry Minor's first episode as cast members.

Brendan Fraser cameos in a sketch featuring Chris Kattan getting ready for the next sketch like the athletes featured in the Olympic Profiles segment.

Eminem performed "Stan" (with Dido) and "The Real Slim Shady".
487 2 Kate Hudson Radiohead October 14, 2000

Nomar Garciaparra appears as himself during a Sully and Denise sketch.

Radiohead performed "The National Anthem" and "Idioteque."
488 3 Dana Carvey The Wallflowers October 21, 2000

Robert De Niro appears as himself during Weekend Update to discuss Jimmy Fallon's negative review of Meet the Parents from the previous episode.

The Wallflowers performed "Sleepwalker" and "Hand Me Down."

Baha Men make a surprise appearance and perform "Who Let the Dogs Out?".
489 4 Charlize Theron Paul Simon November 4, 2000

Paul Simon performed "Hurricane Eye" and "Old."

SNL writer and stand up Hugh Fink appears as himself on Weekend Update in a commentary on Judaism and Joe Lieberman.
490 5 Calista Flockhart Ricky Martin November 11, 2000

Ricky Martin performed "She Bangs" and "Loaded."

Chris Kattan impersonates Ricky Martin right before the real Ricky Martin performs the song "Loaded" (from Martin's album Sound Loaded).

Giovanni Hidalgo performed percussion during Ricky Martin's musical performances.
491 6 Tom Green David Gray November 18, 2000

Drew Barrymore was in the audience, and mentioned in the monologue by Tom Green, who said he would like to marry her during the show. Barrymore agreed, but changed her mind 5 minutes before the live ceremony was to take place.

Tom Green brought in his own writers for this episode, which didn't please the cast.[2]

David Gray performed "Babylon."
492 7 Val Kilmer U2 December 9, 2000

U2 performed "Beautiful Day" and "Elevation."

The previous day marked the 20th anniversary of John Lennon's assassination; Bono paid tribute to Lennon by singing a verse of "All You Need Is Love" over the end of "Beautiful Day."

The Director, Associate Directors, and Stage Managers who worked on this episode won a Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement.
493 8 Lucy Liu Jay-Z December 16, 2000
Jay-Z performed "I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)" and "Is That Your Chick," and cameos in the Robert Goulet Rap Album sketch. In that sketch, Jay-Z mutters the word, "Shit!" when the ashes of his cigar fall off.
494 9 Charlie Sheen Nelly Furtado January 13, 2001

Nelly Furtado performed "I'm Like a Bird."

Charlie Sheen reprised his role as Ricky Vaughn from the Major League films in the NFL Pregame Sketch
495 10 Mena Suvari Lenny Kravitz January 20, 2001

Outgoing U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno makes a special appearance in the "Janet Reno's Dance Party" sketch where she confronts the "Janet Reno" portrayed by Will Ferrell.

Lenny Kravitz performed "Again" and "Mr. Cab Driver," and appears in two live sketches as himself; one as holding auditions for Kyle and Sean DeMarco (Chris Kattan and Chris Parnell) and another going through airport security.
496 11 Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez February 10, 2001

Jennifer Lopez performed "Play" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

Tom Hanks makes a guest appearance during Weekend Update.
497 12 Sean Hayes Shaggy February 17, 2001

Shaggy performed "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel."

Molly Shannon's final episode as a cast member.
498 13 Katie Holmes Dave Matthews Band February 24, 2001
Dave Matthews Band performed "I Did It" and "The Space Between."
499 14 Conan O'Brien Don Henley March 10, 2001

Max Weinberg, the drummer on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and Weinberg's wife Becky appear in O'Brien's opening monologue.

With this episode, Conan O'Brien becomes the first SNL writer who never became a cast member to come back and host, and the second NBC late-night talk show host to host SNL (ironically, after Jay Leno, who hosted back in 1985 when he was just known as a stand-up comic).

Ben Affleck appears at the end of the "Boston Teens at the Liquor Store" sketch.

Don Henley performed "Everything Is Different Now" and "The Heart of the Matter."
500 15 Julia Stiles Aerosmith March 17, 2001
Aerosmith performed "Jaded" and "Big Ten Inch Record."
501 16 Alec Baldwin Coldplay April 7, 2001

Coldplay performed "Yellow" and "Don't Panic."

David Spade makes a cameo appearance on Weekend Update to plug his movie Joe Dirt. Co-star Kid Rock also makes an appearance and does a few "Hollywood Minute" jokes.
502 17 Renée Zellweger Eve & Gwen Stefani April 14, 2001

Eve and Gwen Stefani (who wasn't credited for her appearance) performed "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" for the first performance. Eve performed "Who's That Girl?" for the second performance.

Molly Shannon makes an appearance.
503 18 Pierce Brosnan Destiny's Child May 5, 2001

Destiny's Child performed "Survivor" and "Emotion," and also appeared in a sketch as former members of "Gemini's Twin", a recurring parody of the group.

Julia Stiles made a cameo appearance in the cold opening, as George W. Bush's daughter, Jenna.
504 19 Lara Flynn Boyle Bon Jovi May 12, 2001

Bon Jovi performed "It's My Life" and "You Give Love a Bad Name."

Lou Reed makes an appearance on Weekend Update.
505 20 Christopher Walken Weezer May 19, 2001

This is Jerry Minor's final episode as a cast member, and Chris Parnell's until the middle of the next season.

Weezer performed "Hash Pipe" and "Island in the Sun."

Former cast member Kevin Nealon appears during Weekend Update to tell viewers that he's not on SNL anymore and that viewers who do see him are watching reruns from the 1990s that at the time aired on Comedy Central.

Winona Ryder appears during The Weekend Update Cliffhanger.


# Special Original airdate
1 "2000 Presidential Bash" November 3, 2000
The special included election material from this year and years past. Rachel Dratch, Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond hosted the special while doing a number of different impressions. This special also featured cameo appearances from George W. Bush, Al Gore, Jesse Ventura, George H.W. Bush, Barbara Bush and Dana Carvey.
2 "Thursday Night Live (1)" February 1, 2001
"The Culps' Mandatory Drug Awareness Assembly" sketch from this episode was included in the prime-time special "SNL Mother's Day Special 2001" as well as the clip show "The Best of Will Ferrell."
3 "Thursday Night Live (2)" February 8, 2001
4 "The Best of Molly Shannon" March 20, 2001
The special included material featuring Molly Shannon during her stint on the show. Sketches include "Mary Katherine Gallagher," "Leg Up," "The Courtney Love Show," "Pretty Living," "Delicious Dish," "Rockettes Auditions," "Monica Lewinsky in Congress," "Fanatic" (film), "Blind Date At The Airport," "Veronica and Co.," "Dame Elizabeth Taylor," and "Jeannie Darcy."
5 "Mother's Day Special 2001" May 13, 2001
The first SNL Mother's Day special since 1993, the episode featured the cast and their mothers talking about their favorite sketches aired on the show. Sketches included "Behind the Music: Rock & Roll Heaven", "TRL: Gemini's Twin", "Mango vs. J.Lo", "The Weakest Link" and more. This special contained a special tribute to singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton, who was the mother of cast member Maya Rudolph.

The Ladies Man film[edit]

Based on Leon Phelps' popular sketches, The Ladies Man film was released on October 13, 2000. The film's star Tim Meadows left Saturday Night Live at the end of the previous season but returned to promote the film in the first episode of this season. The movie was panned by critics and flopped at the box office.

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